Got a text about a northern allowance recalculation? It’s a scam, says GN

Nunavummiut advised not to click links, and to report messages to GN’s consumer affairs division

A text message encouraging Nunavummiut to click on a link to view their northern allowance is being flagged as a scam, a GN spokeperson warned on Monday. People who receive the text should not click on the link and should instead report the message to Consumer Affairs. (Image courtesy of Craig Welsh)

By Madalyn Howitt

There are fraudulent text messages circulating among Nunavummiut about a northern allowance adjustment.

Iqaluit resident Craig Welsh said he received the text earlier this month, along with nearly everyone he knows in the community.

“Pretty much everyone I know got that text,” he said.

The text message reads: “Your northern allowance was recalculated, and we’ve sent you an adjustment”

“I get occasional phishing attempts via text, but they’re normally fairly broad and easy to spot. Someone went through a little extra effort for this one,” Welsh said, adding the fact that it came out during tax season, mentions Nunavut and refers to the northern allowance might make the scam trickier to spot.

“If you’re new to the North, or not familiar with phishing scams, it’s possible to fall for it.”

Welsh said he hasn’t heard of anyone falling for the scam yet, and credits how quickly word got out about it.

The GN is also warning Nunavummiut about the text messages.

The Department of Community and Government Services sent a public service announcement about the scam Monday.

“We encourage Nunavummiut not to respond to these text messages or calls and refrain from clicking the link,” said CGS spokesperson Hala Duale.

Incidents of scam and fraud should be reported to the GN’s consumer affairs division at [email protected], by phone at 1-866-793-3321 or to local RCMP detachments.

Reports of scams can also be made to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.


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(5) Comments:

  1. Posted by John K on

    That’s troubling.

    I have a significant background in security and risk management and I’m honestly surprised that we don’t already have a full gamut of Nunavut specific scams targeted at us.

    I don’t want to sound disparaging but if I were a scammer I would focus on regions with high COL, large age disparities and poor education outcomes. If that doesn’t describe Nunavut then what does?

  2. Posted by Circus show on

    The circus show of GN is not even funny now. Wake up GN!

    • Posted by James on

      Not sure what this ‘circus’ comment is about. Someone recognized a scam targeting Nunavummiut. The GN learned of it and then issued a public service announcement to inform Nunavummiut so we can protect ourselves against this scam. That’s how things are supposed to work.

  3. Posted by Gullible on

    If you’re under 65 and fall for these types of scams, I’m sorry but the joke is on you.

  4. Posted by sure on

    so many scams out there that when i am talking to someone face to face if they dont say the phrase all my friends and family know i dont respond to them… might be a scam or deep fake.


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