Governor General celebrates International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

This year’s theme is Indigenous youth as agents of change and self-determination

Gov. Gen. Mary Simon, seen is this file photo, says Indigenous youth around the world need “a seat at the table” so they are directly involved in the decisions that affect their lives. Simon made the comment in a statement issued to mark International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. (File photo by Jeff Pelletier)

By Nunatsiaq News

Gov. Gen. Mary Simon is applauding young Indigenous people around the world who are making change.

She made the statement on Wednesday, in recognition of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, an annual observance declared by the United Nations.

This year’s theme is Indigenous youth as agents of change and self-determination.

“I have always said that Indigenous peoples around the world deserve a seat at the table,” she said in a news release issued Wednesday. “They need to be directly involved in the decisions that impact their lives.” 

Simon said she believes the international day should be used to shine a light on the work that still needs to be done to improve the lives of Indigenous people across the globe, adding there’s “much work to do” to ensure that Indigenous people have access to the same opportunities as everybody else.

“I have seen the devastation and injustice that is wrought when policies are made without input from Indigenous peoples,” she said in the release.

Inuit Child First, Indigenous Services Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also released a statement saying the day is a chance to celebrate the diverse cultures, languages and traditions of Indigenous people around the world. 

“We recognize the distinct histories and invaluable contributions of Indigenous Peoples around the world,” he said. “We recommit to working together with Indigenous partners — including the inspiring Indigenous youth of Canada.”

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(8) Comments:

  1. Posted by Big Spender on

    According to the Canadian Taxpayers Association Mary Simon spent $71,000 for Limo service over the course of 4 days in Iceland between Oct. 12-15, 2022.

    That’s greater than the median income in this country, all spent in 4 days on a Limo ride.

    • Posted by SARCASM on

      Because , the only mini bus in Iceland had a flat tire and someone stole the spare.

    • Posted by Imagjne on

      If she is this flagrant with taxpayer money imagine how she was as leadership in ITK and Makivik!

  2. Posted by Ned Flanders on

    Nobody heard you. Inuit (Eskimos) have no credibility nor voice.

  3. Posted by TGC on

    From the few comments we read it’s why GG Simon has cancelled the social media accounts – so much hate/so little time; and with King Charles Windsor it is a tough job representing a House that is sitting on clay.

    • Posted by Criticism is not hate on

      This is the age of “safetyism” where ‘safe spaces’ shield the deserving from criticism, disregarded as ‘hate’. I don’t hate Simon, but she deserves the criticism she gets. There is a larger issue in this too, the justification of a governor general at all. This is the kind of conversation we should be having in 2023. Sadly there are too many moral cowards gatekeeping these conversations.

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