Gravel a priority in Chesterfield Inlet as 3 vie for mayor’s seat

Incumbent Mayor Anthony Amauyak facing deputy mayor Mary Ann Issaluk and resident Simionie Sammurtok

Three candidates are running for mayor in Chesterfield Inlet. The hamlet also has races for its district education authority and alcohol education committee. (Photo courtesy of Calm Air)

By David Lochead

Leading up to Nunavut’s Oct. 23 municipal elections, Nunatsiaq News is publishing snapshots of races in the territory’s 25 communities.

Chesterfield Inlet’s mayor wants to keep his job as he faces the hamlet’s deputy mayor and a fellow resident in next week’s municipal election.

Anthony Amauyak, the incumbent candidate, told Nunatsiaq News through an email interpreted from Inuktitut that he wants to be re-elected in order to help his community more.

He said that he has been mayor or served on council on and off since 2007 and has worked as a hamlet employee for 20 years.

Amauyak said he wants to address the shortage of gravel in Chesterfield Inlet and work toward generating a large stockpile of it. Gravel is used in road repairs and construction.

To build that stockpile, Amauyak said he is working with the Government of Nunavut’s Department of Community and Government Services to access more funding.

He added he believes his experience as mayor makes him a good candidate, as he knows how the system works.

Amauyak is running against deputy mayor Mary Ann Issaluk and Simionie Sammurtok.

Nunatsiaq News attempted to contact Issaluk and Sammurtok multiple times. Neither could be reached for interview.

Chesterfield Inlet is a Kivalliq community with a population of 397, according to the 2021 census.

The Inuktitut name for the community is Igluligaarjuk, which means place with a few Thule houses. According to the Nunavut Planning Commission, ancient Thule tent rings are one of the many archeological findings in the area.

The planning commission names Chesterfield Inlet as Nunavut’s oldest continuing community, dating back to 1910.

There is a race for the hamlet’s alcohol education committee as well. The candidates, as listed on the Elections Nunavut website, are Randy Boiteau, Gaetano Scala, Yvonne Bedford, Roy Mullins, Russell Mullins, Shawna Mullins, Gardner Walters and Peter Kattegatsiak Jr.

The candidates in the race for the district education authority are Roy Mullins, Yvonne Bedford, Gaetano Scala, David Kattegatsiak, Russell Mullins, Doriana Sammurtok, Geraldine Kreelak, Louie Kukkiak, Simon Aggark, Jodi Tanuyak and Mary Ann Issaluk.

Chesterfield Inlet’s council is acclaimed. The new councillors are Gaetano Scala, Yvonne Bedford, Eddy Kalluk, Doriana Sammurtok, Venissa Mimialik, Charles Issaluk and Elizabeth Ippiak.


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  1. Posted by Municipal Functions Broken System to Skunks! on

    The goal and objective of being a elected Councillor’s is to support and implement infrastructure to community, and certainly NOT what did you do? I think this is the norm generally lean upon in small remote Municipalities under the nose of CG&S, and supposedly should not be personal matters, or good buddy handshake to dis-functional Municipal affairs where infrastructure and services are lacking due in part No training of HOW to be functional Councillors!

    This is a weak area across Nunavut!

    • Posted by Corn Flakes to Skunky Municipal Affairs to Crooked Affairs in the House! on

      Yeah! well, once your elected or re-appointed personal matters come to play at all levels of cornflakes meeting’s next four year’s to personal matter’s! Good luck with the farse skunk’s!

      Thing’s are little hard to progress with same family group elected Councillor’s or mayor’s! Same story, same trash to skunky admin’s!

  2. Posted by art thompson on

    shortage of gravel? the whole place is one big piece of rock. Ask cgs to pull in a rock crusher.

  3. Posted by How it looks from here on

    With a population of 327 people I imagine Chester is a virtual prison.

    • Posted by Municipality Functions!?! on

      Yeah, well, this is what happens when you have poor politicians, and stubborn management’s! The territorial government appear to be neglecting infrastructure programs and services in small remote Municipalities. No one appear to be texting FED’s reference to infrastructure’s across Nunavut.

      It must be one of those stinker programs administered under Municipal government who appear not to contact Territorial government for pro’s and con’s on behalf of the Municipality! It stinks to stuck-up with How it looks from here on! What do you think!?!

  4. Posted by Municipality Functions!?! on

    This is all reflect on who is voice on behalf of the Municipality, and admin. It appears that in delusional case study in most scenario the admin. or finance appears ACT as the BIG BOSS when supposedly should NOT be the case under the NOSE of CG&S! This is in small remote Municipalities in Nunavut. Crooked admin’s? This is known as cornflakes sticker program under the nose of Public funds! Broken system mismanaged!?!

  5. Posted by Municipal Functions Broken System to Skunks works! on

    Just a NOTE; CG&S perhaps should stop hiring previous admin’s across the territory that’s been previously removed from other Municipal Office’s in other Hamlet’s! I don’t think none is track due to poor accountability with CG&S admin.! What do you think!?!

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