Greenland looking for a new image



This week, Greenland plans to launch a new logo in London, which will replace the widely-used black, red and white logo featuring a large sun.

“The aim of international branding is to ensure positive associations and expectations to Greenland abroad when the word ‘Greenland’ comes up,” said Josef Motzfeldt, Greenland’s minister for finance and foreign affairs.

The new logo reflects “the wonderful, very unique light in Greenland,” according to a government news release.

The design apparently convinced the British supermarket chain Marks & Spencer to buy shrimp from Greenland over shrimp from Canada. Royal Greenland recently held a presentation for the supermarket where they revealed their plans for the coming branding campaign on the English market.

“The branding project will certainly repay the country with dividends,” said marketing manager Lisbeth Laursen of Royal Greenland.

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