Hamlet workers in Arviat, Baker Lake get new contracts

Wage increases, family violence leave included in deals, Nunavut Employees Union says

Increased wages and family violence leave are among the new employment guarantees in the new collective agreements ratified by the hamlets of Baker Lake (left) and Arviat with the Nunavut Employees Union. (File photos)

By Madalyn Howitt

Increased hunting leave and family violence leave are among the new gains for employees of two hamlets that negotiated new contracts with the Nunavut Employees Union.

The Hamlet of Arviat ratified a new collective agreement with the NEU on July 12 and Baker Lake ratified a new collective agreement a month earlier on June 16, union spokesperson James Kaylor said Tuesday.

Municipal employees in Arviat will receive retroactive wage increases dating back to April 1, 2019, when the previous contract expired. Those annual increases range between 1.5 per cent for 2019 to 3.5 per cent in 2024.

Arviat’s new collective agreement also guarantees five days of paid and five days of unpaid family violence leave for municipal employees facing situations of violence or abuse. A similar provision was included in the contract the NEU negotiated on behalf of Government of Nunavut employees in 2022.

Arviat’s municipal workers will also be granted an additional three paid days for traditional hunting and harvesting activities and one unpaid day on top of the three paid days already in place from the previous contract, allowing for six paid days in total.

“Each agreement is negotiated on the basis of the unique situation and is based upon other variables that are reflected in the final economic increases,” Kaylor said.

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In Baker Lake, municipal workers will get a 2.5 per cent increase for 2023, followed by 2.25 per cent hikes over the next three years until 2026.

Housing and settlement allowances will increase at the same rates annually, Kaylor said.

In addition to the same five days paid and five days of unpaid family violence leave secured by Arviat union members, Baker Lake employees will also be granted up to 15 weeks of unpaid family violence leave.

Additional hunting and harvesting leave was not specifically part of the new Baker Lake agreement, Kaylor said, but the existing agreement allows for four unpaid days.

Baker Lake employees will now be entitled to leave with pay for up to three days annually to travel for the purpose of medical appointments. Subsequent travel for medical appointments will be taken from special or sick leave.


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    Congrats to the workers.

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    Baker Lake Nunavut is a pretty huge town now. They need to get rid of water and sewage trucks to deliver the towns needs. With over crowded apartments, the water and sewage does not last. There are also people who live alone in two bedroom apartments. Over crowding creates problems. Problems that can be resolved. Baker lake needs update fast. Blizzard days people go days without sewage and water pump out. Water and sewage trucks contribute to global warming.

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