Health advisory issued over whooping cough outbreak in Kivalliq

Get vaccinated, wash hands frequently says Health Department; cases also reported in Arviat, Rankin Inlet

The Health Department issued an advisory Tuesday about the ongoing outbreak of whooping cough in the Kivalliq region. (File photo)

By Kierstin Williams

With an ongoing outbreak of whooping cough in the Kivalliq region,  Nunavut’s Health Department is urging people to take steps to protect themselves.

The outbreak was declared March 7, with active cases in Arviat and Rankin Inlet.

The throat and lung illness spreads easily and is most severe for children under the age of one, according to a public health advisory issued Tuesday.

Symptoms include coughing followed by an unusual “whoop” sound, difficulty breathing, vomiting, and a high fever that lasts more than three days.

To avoid whooping cough — also known as pertussis — the department urged people to get vaccinated, wash their hands often, cough into a sleeve or tissue, and not to share food, drinks or toothbrushes.

People with symptoms should contact their health centre. More information on whooping cough is available on the Department of Health’s webpage.

The Department has not said how many cases of whooping cough have been confirmed during the outbreak. It did not respond to a request for more information this week.


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(2) Comments:

  1. Posted by Mass Formation on

    See the pattern?

    There’s supposedly a whooping cough and syphilis outbreak, however Nunavut Health doesn’t bother to state the numbers breakdown or confirmed cases.

    Nor bother to reply when asked for further details. Is Nunavut health still operating dangling out a boogeyman for fear effect than truth?

  2. Posted by Name Withheld on

    Department of Health Communications should establish better communications with the Chief Public Health Officer to provide regular updates on the state of public health, including the number of reported whooping cough cases. Previously, under the leadership of CPHO Patterson, there were frequent updates. However, it appears that there have been no updates from CPHO Wachtel, leading to questions about their current status.

    Dept of Health, Where is your communications director and manager in all this?

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