Help wanted to return objects to Arctic


This request for information may be a bit convoluted, I hope you folks will bear with me.

During the late 1940’s my father was stationed at the Crystal 3 weather base. I believe that was on Padloping Island.

While there he had a parka made and purchased some ivory carvings. Dad always had a special fondness for the Arctic in general, and the area that is now Nunavut in particular.

In 1990, my father and assorted family members made a trip back up to the area. Their contact for that journey was a woman named Tina Alookie. They found that when the weather base shut down, the nearby Inuit village moved to Broughton Island, which is where they visited. Remarkably, there was still one elderly man in the village who was on Padloping Island in the 1940’s, when my father was there.

With this as background, my request follows.

My father passed away this January. While deciding what to do with his belongings we decided that a museum would be the most appropriate place for the parka and the carvings. We also feel that Dad would prefer to have them back up where they came from.

In 1990, Miss Alookie had mentioned that she was going to take a job a a cultural museum. We are looking for an appropriate museum to donate these items to. Our only request would be that it be an actual public museum, not some dusty research facility. And that we hand-deliver them to the site.

Thanks in advance for any help given.

Frederick C. Young

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