Igloolik mayoral candidates want better road maintenance, youth centre

3-way race in Igloolik as incumbent Erasmus Ivvalu faces competitors George Qattalik, George Auksaq

Igloolik Mayor Erasmus Ivvalu, left, is running for re-election in the upcoming Oct. 23 municipal election. He is facing two challengers — George Qattalik, right, and George Auksaq, whose photo is not available. (File photo, supplied photo)

By Madalyn Howitt

Leading up to Nunavut’s municipal elections, Nunatsiaq News is publishing snapshots of races in the territory’s 25 communities.

It’s the battle of the Georges vs. incumbent Erasmus Ivvalu in Igloolik’s upcoming mayoral race.

Voters in Igloolik will elect a mayor from three candidates on October 23: challengers George Auksaq, George Qattalik and incumbent Erasmus Ivvalu. 

“I don’t have any big agenda” as mayor, George Qattalik said. 

“I just wanted to try being a leader in Igloolik as mayor, because I’ve been in Igloolik all my life.”

He did however share that his priorities are to build a dedicated youth centre for young people in the community and to uplift more community talent. 

Qattalik worked previously with the territory’s Finance Department. 

He also attended college for office administration, was an instructor of Inuktitut at Nunavut Arctic College and is active with Igloolik’s search and rescue team. 

Qattalik said he loves helping the community through volunteering and wants to see more opportunities for locals to work in Igloolik. 

“We have very good leaders here and we have very talented people in the community,” Qattalik said. 

If elected mayor, “I would start pushing things forward for Igloolik,” he said.

“I will get things done.”

George Auksaq, an artist, has also thrown his hat into the ring.

Auksaq said he’s concerned about Igloolik’s road and water infrastructure. His top priorities as mayor would be to improve road maintenance throughout the community and find a way to decrease the number of boil water advisories each year in Igloolik, he said.  

Another concern of Auksaq’s is the number of old buildings that sit unused in the community. He wants to work with authorities to secure the funds and tools needed to demolish old buildings that can’t be reused for safety reasons. 

Auksaq said he previously served as a councillor in the hamlet and is now self-employed as a carver.

“I will work for the whole community,” he said.

The incumbent in the race is Mayor Erasmus Ivvalu, who could not be reached for comment for this story.

Ivvalu previously served as a hamlet councillor when he was elected in 2017. He was appointed mayor in 2021 after former mayor Merlyn Recinos stepped down from the position.  

Voters on Oct. 23 will only cast a ballot for a mayor, as all other races in the community are acclaimed. The following are the councillors and members of the local district education authority and alcohol education committee who will once again serve in their roles:

Municipal council: 

  • Celestino Uyarak
  • Edward Attagutaluk
  • Shanshan Tian
  • Amanda Curley
  • Ludger Makkik
  • Jacob Malliki
  • Celina Uttuigak

District education authority:

  • Daniel Angilirq
  • Francis Piugattuk

Alcohol education committee: 

  • Daniel Angilirq
  • Laben Kunuk
  • Lynn Quassa
  • Isaac Haulli


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  1. Posted by Boat Ramp on

    Which of you will get our boat ramp better… as in get one built that can be used at all tides and not wrek the hondas and trucks. because of getting stuck in the salt water.
    It will also be beneficial for the SAR boat George and saving lives.

  2. Posted by Good journalism on

    NNews should do a follow up on the article on Recinos. The public should know if they have a predator among them… JS

    • Posted by Sins of Omission on

      Agreed 100%

      I have asked for that a few times over the years since he was charged, of course NN would not even allow my comment up.

      Surreal to think the ‘Washington Post of the North’ wouldn’t allow a simple question, let alone the follow up you mentioned.

      • Posted by Yup on

        Yup. If you are going to report it in the first place, you should be willing to follow up. One way or the other, he would either have been convicted or cleared.

  3. Posted by monty sling on

    Nunavik, look at the benefit the mining has done for the communities (or is it the province?). North Baffin 5 communities directly affected by the mine. Have them pave your roads, I am sure the share-holders to this mine have a manicured lawns and driveways. Why not you 5? You are losing most, loss of land and dirty environment and wildlife…and so on and so on……Ask, the mine is taking everything, they say royalties are given to RIO, will not even RIO is not benefitting your communities, salaries to RIO staff must be one of the best in Canada though.


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