In loving memory of Pudloo Nowdlak


In loving memory of our father, Pudloo Nowdluk.

Born: August 8, 1931; died April 24, 2003.

How we miss you father,
and how things have changed in the past year
that you have been gone.
How and what we have been doing, is because of how
we feel inside. It’s only when our
loved ones are gone that we realize how
precious they are to us and
how we can change. We take it day by day
but you are always in our hearts
and in our thoughts. And how we can take
so much pain, and still have a meaning
to live, because there is so much love now
for our siblings and our children. And
that we learn to deal with once our loved ones are gone.
Through that, we learned to love each
other and that’s all there will ever be. Besides
us, your children, grandchildren,
sisters, brothers, cousins and friends are missing
you and thinking of you,
who made us realize how much you meant to us.
We will always love you father.

Saila Nooshoota
On behalf of the Nowdluks

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