Inuit jobs on DND clean-up


IQALUIT — Nunavut Inuit should get around 90 jobs a year for the next 10 years or so as a result of an agreement between NTI and the Department of National Defence.

The deal provides Inuit with economic benefits from the clean-up of old DEW line sites in Nunavut.

The 10-year, $200-million agreement will mean 90 jobs a year for Inuit, as well as two contracts for Inuit companies.

An agreement covering the environmental aspects of the clean-up was signed in 1998.

Johnny Mike, the interim president of the Qikiqtaaluk Development Corp., said he’s disappointed the new deal doesn’t mention Inuit development corporations.

For the past four years, QC has been the general contractor for the clean-up at the former Resolution Island DEW line site .

“QC is the business arm of the Inuit of the Baffin. Our involvement is critical to the success of this agreement, yet we have been left out in the cold with no recognition for the good work we have done to date. That’s very disappointing,” Mike said.

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