Iqaluit city council unanimously calls for Malaiya Lucassie’s resignation

“The council does not condone racism or gender violence”

Following an almost 90-minute in-camera session on Tuesday night, Iqaluit city councillors emerged and unanimously approved a motion calling for Coun. Malaiya Lucassie’s immediate resignation. (Photo by Dustin Patar)

By Dustin Patar

Iqaluit city councillors unanimously called for the immediate resignation of Coun. Malaiya Lucassie following a lengthy in-camera session during last night’s council meeting.

Last week, Lucassie had written a reply to a Facebook post made by her father, Nunavut cabinet minister Patterk Netser, who appeared to criticize Black women who seek abortions.

Although Lucassie publicly apologized for her comments, the incident was a breach of the councillor code of conduct, said Coun. Romeyn Stevenson.

“The city council for the municipality of Iqaluit does not abide with the comments that were made by councillor Lucassie. The council does not condone racism or gender violence and does not
accept a world where such comments, or comments such as those made over the weekend, are let go without censure,” said Stevenson.

“This council demands councillor Lucassie’s resignation, effective immediately.”

The motion was seconded by Coun. Simon Nattaq.

While the conversation following the in-camera session was short, Deputy Mayor Janet Brewster did address the issue earlier during the statement period.

“The Black Lives Matter movement is not a competition on which lives matter more than others,” she said.

“I, for one, feel honoured that the Black Lives Matter movement has come to Nunavut and has specifically elevated the issue of Inuit rights, along with Black and all Indigenous lives.”

During the brief discussion following Stevenson’s motion, Coun. Sheila Flaherty asked what would happen if Lucassie refused to resign. Mayor Kenny Bell indicated that the council would need to meet again.

The vote was unanimous.

The next city council meeting is on Oct. 27.

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(10) Comments:

  1. Posted by No Loss on

    No loss. We don’t need her type serving or representing us. Her attitudes are out of touch in Iqaluit.

    • Posted by Eski Moses on

      Agree, no loss, but the fact remains that she was elected by like-minded people and a reflection of the community – not the majority I hope

  2. Posted by Good! on

    Good! She showed such willful ignorance and then quickly backtracked more to preserve her job. Hopefully this is a clear message that those kinds of beliefs/comments are not welcome. And for those who don’t understand why what she said was not cool or diminish the severity, maybe this is a good opportunity to learn more and grow.

  3. Posted by Public apology? on

    Many of us never saw Malaya’s so called public apology.

    • Posted by Disappeared on

      I had checked her facebook and never saw the supposed apology. Seems she has deleted her facebook page. The sooner she resigns the easier it is for her. I hope council replace her with a good Inuk.

  4. Posted by Alianait! on

    Very happy for the swift action by councillors. The mayors statement made it sound like it was just going to be swept under the rug.
    It’s about time we hold each other accountable for these oppressive and outdated beliefs. Inuit should not have to hide or be silent because of a loud minority of zealots.

    • Posted by Observation Post on

      The irony in this statement: “Inuit should not have to hide or be silent because of a loud minority of zealots” literally drips on the screen.
      The zealots are here right in front of us.
      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with her statement, it was pretty stupid, but I don’t construe ‘gender violence’ from them either; the ones claiming this are just as fanatical and the ones with the real power here, don’t deny it.

  5. Posted by Kenneth on

    Well done.

  6. Posted by aputi on

    time for mr netser to get booted

  7. Posted by Inuk on

    Colonialism is still alive and well among Inuit. Inuit never used punishment, except for murderers. Sad!

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