Iqaluit fire department thanks people for making room after particularly busy day

Firefighters received 34 calls for service on Sept. 5, more than double the average for a 24-hour period

Iqaluit’s fire department is thanking community members for their quick action in clearing a path for emergency vehicles during a day recently where firefighters responded to a high volume of calls. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

Iqaluit’s fire department is thanking the community for making room for emergency vehicles after a particularly busy day of emergency calls last week.

Firefighters received 34 calls for service over a 24-hour period on Sept. 5, according to a public service announcement from the City of Iqaluit, released Monday.

“The daily average to date is 14 to 15 calls a day,” said Iqaluit spokesperson Kent Driscoll in an email to Nunatsiaq News.

The community’s help enabled faster response times.

Nunavut has a so-called “move-over law” that requires, if safe to do so, all vehicles to yield right-of-way to enforcement or emergency vehicles responding to a call for assistance.

Drivers must pull over to the right-hand curb to let emergency vehicles pass. In the case of a one-way street, drivers should move to the left-hand or right-hand curb and stop to let vehicles pass.

“Residents are pulling over to the shoulder of the road when they see the flashing lights, and the improvement is noticeable,” said Driscoll in the announcement.

The city reminded residents to give firefighters room to safely do their jobs at a fire scene.

When emergency vehicles are on site, residents are asked to keep behind emergency vehicles, stay at a safe distance from the fire, and listen to firefighters’ instructions.

“Your co-operation and attention makes for actual, noticeable results. Thank you for helping make Iqaluit a safer place for us all,” said Driscoll in the release.


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