Iqaluit musicians stand in solidarity with Ukraine

Throat singers, drum dancers and other local artists performed in Iqaluit on Saturday

Throat singers Minnie Akeeagok (left) and Taiga Las were among the musicians who performed at a solidarity event for Ukraine Saturday afternoon at St. Jude’s Anglican Cathedral. The event, called Friends of Ukraine for World Peace, also included drum dancing, an open-mic session and a moment of silence in memory of the lives lost since Russia invaded the country Feb. 24. (Photo courtesy of Beata Hejnowicz)

By Mélanie Ritchot

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  1. Posted by Stephen on

    Our freedom in Canada is being suppressed by our very own national broadcasting service. For example on the article today about excesses of Russian actions, the following is censored, not allowed – “I’d not accept that any reports coming out of that country as gospel, not by a long shot.”

    Freedom and democracy has become largely an illusion. Maybe is time to revise the national anthem to reflect the state of affairs… true North strong and free?

  2. Posted by Cautious to propaganda too on

    Believe half what you see, and less of that what you hear. I used to hear that advice as a kid. Not that I use it as a gospel, but could be some truth in it. Can’t help but feel for what’s seen and heard on news about Ukrainian people. The thing is there’s so much corruption and lies that built up in these Soviet and ex Soviet countries, that we need to be cautious in the news about interpreting the facts. I’m heartfelt, but not just conclusive to it all. So much political propaganda and deception, and humanity held down to its lowest level, good bad and indifferent. We need to keep our hearts in place , as hard as it is in inhuman objectivity. Thankfully we have peace in our country and we want to share it with the world and Ukrainian people , but not at the price of losing it to low levels of humanitarian uselessness and lost of democracy.


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