Iqaluit named Nunavut’s most active community

$15,000 prize from ParticipACTION will be used by city’s recreation department for well-being of community

Nunavut was named Iqaluit’s most active community by ParticipACTION. The $15,000 prize will be used by the city’s recreation department to get Iqalummiut more active. Shown here is the community aquatic centre. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

The City of Iqaluit’s recreation department has another $15,000 to spend on getting people more active in the community.

That’s the prize it was awarded after the city was named Nunavut’s most active community in the 2023 ParticipACTION community challenge.

The national contest is held each year in June with communities from across Canada participating. The aim is to get Canadians active by participating in physical activity and sports.

City of Iqaluit spokesperson Kent Driscoll said he wasn’t sure yet how the money would be spent except that it will go toward the health and well-being of the community.

This year, Salisbury, N.B., was named Canada’s most active community and was awarded $100,000. Smaller prizes were awarded to the most active communities in each province and territory.

Over the past four years, ParticipACTION has awarded one million dollars “to winning communities to support local physical activity and sports initiatives,” according to a news release from the City of Iqaluit on Tuesday.

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  1. Posted by Confused on

    Of course other communities in Nunavut were left out, where that money would help build swimming pools and sports parks 🙁

    • Posted by JOHNNY on

      The thing is , that Toronto thinks there the center of Canada, samething with Iqaluit , they think there the only place in the north.

      • Posted by Luke on

        I’m from Iqaluit and I know for a fact that Baker Lake is the center of Canada!

    • Posted by Umingmak on

      $15K isn’t even building you a kiddie pool in Nunavut.

  2. Posted by Kellit on

    It would be interesting to know the ‘process’ by which Iqaluit was chosen. Not that it is necessarily surprising, having more and better facilities lends to more participation. Still, it’s hard not to agree that this money might have been more well spent where needs are higher.

  3. Posted by I live in the Arctic on


  4. Posted by Norman Gordon on

    Yeah with swimming pool
    at 50 million what do you expect
    How many pools can that supply other place with that kind of money

  5. Posted by Northener on

    In crime!

  6. Posted by Dawn on

    All communities in Nunavut were invited to join the ParticipACTION Challenge….winners are p8cked based on community members participating…I do not believe any other communities participated in the month long challenge…their choice!

    • Posted by We participated on

      We tried and participated, with your community at 7K people with more active persons, how can any other community in Nunavut beat that.

  7. Posted by Awesome! on

    Way to go Iqaluit! Keep it up!


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