Iqaluit RCMP seek help identifying suspects after crash

Two people seen exiting taxi after colliding with fire hydrant; vehicle had been reported stolen

Iqaluit RCMP are asking for help from the public to identify two suspects seen exiting a taxi that collided with a fire hydrant on Nov. 18 at the intersection of Niaqungusiariaq and Road to Nowhere. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

Iqaluit RCMP are seeking help from the public in identifying two suspects who were seen fleeing the scene of a car crash.

OnNov. 18, police were dispatched to a single-vehicle crash near the intersection of Niaqungusiariaq and Road to Nowhere, Sgt. Pauline Melanson said in a news release.

“When the police arrived, a silver-coloured Dodge Caravan, belonging to Caribou Cabs, had crashed into a fire hydrant,” Melanson said.

The owner of the taxi had reported the vehicle stolen from outside the Ivavvik apartment building.

The vehicle sustained damage to the front bumper. There was also damage to the fire hydrant, Melanson said.

Witnesses observed two individuals leaving the vehicle. One is described as a male with a buzz cut and wearing all black clothing, the other is a female who was wearing grey pants and a black jacket with a hood.

Iqaluit RCMP ask anyone with information to contact investigators at 867-979-1111.


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(15) Comments:

  1. Posted by oy on

    It would be useful if the approximate time of day of the incident was noted.

    • Posted by Huh? on

      Because Taxi’s crash into fire hydrants everyday.

  2. Posted by Frobisher on

    The owner should be held responsible for leaving a unlock vehicle running

    Sound more like the owner paid someone to steel his vehicle so the owner can make a claim

    • Posted by chilly on

      Yeah. Most of those drivers don’t actually own the vehicles they drive. And a claim on a vehicle like that would be whatever the vehicle is assessed at using book value. So an old ford would be worth what…maybe $3000 after months of back and forth arguing with the claims adjuster? That’s the most likely scenario. That the thieves were actually jackass thieves who took the car just to be selfish and careless, like joyriding thieves usually are, but this…the cab driver had an elaborate scheme to pay people to steal the car he probably doesn’t even own in the middle of the day. Man. You’re good!

  3. Posted by Frobisher on

    Cabbie should never have left his car running and unlocked

    Seems more like the cabbies negeligence

    • Posted by Information on

      Where do you guys get the facts from? There is no mentioning that the cab was running or unlocked. Before throwing information in your post you cannot support, just shut up. Iqaluit without cab service would be horrible and would have an impact on many residents, of any culture.

      • Posted by Frobisher on

        Like they thiefs just magically had a key

      • Posted by Odd Response on

        Why are you talking about cultures? Why are you so defensive in favour of cab companies overall when someone was just talking about an individual driver?
        Iqaluit would do better for its residents by having bus lines instead of everyone relying on the taxi company, since you opened up that can of worms. Sometimes the cab services are really poor and the vehicles run down.. why does a town this size that’s especially spread out have no bus? I’ve lived in smaller arctic communities with bus service and that worked better than leaving it up to the cabs like they do now in Iqaluit.

        • Posted by Sick of negativity on

          I am tired as well of all the unfilter Negativity and bad name bully harassment of people weather they just happen to get their car stolen or are political figure,enough negativity here,it affect my whole day,you may come from a big town but you live in a small town now and any negative comment is almost like finger pointing individual with your finger,consider this before runing your nasty tongue and wash your mouth with soap tonight for all the bad words and insults as well,clean up your vocabulary and trow in positive comment instead,and yes its true nunatsiaq new should not let nasty comment like that time and time again like they ben doing for so many years,who to complaint too? Crtc? Nunatsiak news is responsible too for trash writin toward other people,like I said its a small town.

    • Posted by choo on

      She shouldn’t have been wearing those revealing clothes…serves her right for being out so late, nothing but trouble at that hour…they were drunk, so they should expect bad things to happen…they left the car running in the cold…all of this is victim blaming. It applies to cab drivers too. Is it wise to leave the keys in the car while it’s running…no, but guess what? It is not unusual for regular, non-cab drivers to do it in the freezing cold. Just because someone helps themselves when the door is unlocked, doesn’t make it okay. It’s still stealing.

      • Posted by Goes Both Ways on

        Glad to see this comment on here.

        • Posted by Inuk-Gammer on

          GTA. Grand theft auto,thats what it is, people,consider the consequence before taking or borrowing which ever is not your,they can be bad consequence IF they cash you.bye the way,GTA is my favorite PS4 game,cheers

  4. Posted by G-man Choi on

    The cabbie may have left the cab running to keep it warm for their customers, who knows, but to blame the cabbie is just ignorance. Why can’t we leave our vehicles running with the keys in them? Why do people feel they can take whatever they want and no consequences for it? There’s nothing worse than a thief and they should have long jail terms. I hope they find them and throw the book at the POS.

  5. Posted by John K on

    Look at these people DESPARATE to blame the cabbie. I wonder why.

    I don’t actually wonder anything; everyone knows why.

    • Posted by AntiCabie on

      Perhaps there is hate tower the cabbie because they always ask too much questions when you get in their car? Where you work,how much you make,can I work there,how much your rent,can I rent there? Are you single? Is that your boyfriend,you want my phone number?drink,drugs,these are the daily things most but not all cabbies says to me,no wonder theres some hate toward them


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