An Iqaluit municipal worker holds an example of some of the stuff pulled the pipes near the city’s lift station, which is once again working. (Photo courtesy of City of Iqaluit)

Iqaluit sewage lift station back online

Clogged pipes had caused sewage to spill into Koojesse Inlet for past month

By Emma Tranter

An Iqaluit sewage lift station is once again operating at full capacity, after city workers used a special vacuum to suck out debris that had plugged a six metre length of pipe.

The station was shut down March 28 and temporarily spilled sewage into Koojesse Inlet.

The blockage consisted of old rags, plastic bags, grease and other assorted plumbing and household items, according to a city news release.

On April 19, the city purchased a high-efficiency vacuum, which later proved to be successful in clearing out the debris.

The city reminds residents to only flush toilet paper down toilets.

Don’t flush items such as baby wipes, diapers, rags, feminine hygiene products and grease.

City officials say they continue to monitor the situation.

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(3) Comments:

  1. Posted by Northern Inuit on

    can the high efficiency vacuum get rid of anything else, wait the election come October may do that for us…


  2. Posted by Josywales on

    Is that a picture of a knife? Used for something sinister and dump into the system for getting rid of evidence?

  3. Posted by Robert Zerebesky on

    That special vacuum is an IVAC Industrial Vacuum & they are powerful and unique! We have this Canadian product on 6 continents and it’s great that the town thought ahead and got the right tool for the job. Kudos to Brian and his town team for working along with the IVAC Team to get this important job completed. Our vacs can also pump sand, gravel, sludges, and slimes, WET OR DRY, we had originally made them for cleaning heavy mud from sumps in underground mines! It’s great that our equipment is tied to yet another success story where no other pump would likely be able to do the job! We truly “Pump The Un-Pumpable!”

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