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Iqaluit gymnastics club enraged by loss of venue


It was with disbelief and shock that we were informed at 4 p.m. on June 20 by the chair of the Iqaluit Gymnastics Club, that the club would not be allowed to use the gym at Nakasuk School the next morning.

Not allowed? Not allowed! How could we not be allowed when we had been given permission weeks before? We had made sure that the gym would be available for our first ever gymnastics show/presentation for the parents, even though this was our regular scheduled time in the gymnasium.

We first checked with the IDEA and they told us to check with the principal of the school, and we did as we were told, and were given the go-ahead.

Once we got over the disbelief, we were outraged. We, the coaches and gymnasts, have been working for the past eight weeks to put together a presentation for the parents. Eight weeks of practice, figuring out what skills to incorporate, planning. We had worked very hard and the children were very excited about showing off their skills.

The principal of Nakasuk School called the chair of the club to tell him that because the weather was not cooperating, the festivities for the Aboriginal Day celebrations had to be moved indoors. We understand the dilemma he faced, but he did not consult us before making his decision.

The events for the Aboriginal Day celebrations were due to start at 1 p.m. Our presentation would have been over by noon. Our club chair informed the principal of this, but the principal would not negotiate. He had already set up the chairs in the gymnasium and that was that.

We have had years of practice setting up and taking down the gym. We had to do that for the Arctic Winter Games. We would have been all too happy to set up the chairs after our presentation was over, but we were not given that opportunity.

The most challenging part was calling 60 families to let them know that there would be no performance after all their hard work. That amounts to a lot of sadness and disappointment.

It is inconceivable to us that our community volunteers can be so easily dismissed when they spend hours upon hours making this city a better place for all of us, particularly for our children.

Iqaluit Gymnastics Club

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