Iqaluit’s caribou harvest for 2023-24 is closed, GN announces

Community’s seasonal quota of 74 caribou has been reached

The Government of Nunavut says it continues to limit the number of caribou harvested each year to spur recovery of the population. On Wednesday, it said Iqaluit’s harvest for this season has ended. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

The caribou harvest in Iqaluit for 2023–2024 is closed, the Government of Nunavut announced late Wednesday.

The community’s allocation of 74 caribou of the total allowable harvest from the Baffin Island caribou population has been reached, the GN said.

No more harvesting is allowed without an approved community allocation. Any unapproved harvesting this season is in violation of the Nunavut Wildlife Act.

In its announcement, the GN said it continues to limit harvests every year to promote the recovery of caribou populations.


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(5) Comments:

  1. Posted by Old timer on

    One day to get 50 more caribou over there then arviat we have nothing around right now.

    • Posted by Sam on

      We are over harvesting in the Kivalliq, and will be in the same situation soon, and nobody care

      • Posted by Hunter on

        Rankin Inlet HTO cares. they implemented a ban on Rankin Inlet hunters selling caribou this spring while they caribou were migrating to their calving grounds.

        The rest of the HTO’s in the region need to follow their example and KIA must endorse banning the sale of caribou meat in the spring time.

  2. Posted by Eskimos Fan on

    I cried when an elder lady in her 60’s paid for caribou meat…
    Wondering what we’d become…

    • Posted by Adam Smith on



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