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Iqaluit’s nocturnal mammals


In this lovely town of Iqaluit, we have a breed of mammal that roam the streets until all hours of the night.

They are very noisy and get into mischief. I know, I see them all the time. I just want to know how parents can let their children, as young as eight years of age, not come home until they please. I know it is not all children who do this, but there are kids out there wreaking havoc.

I am complaining now, because I am a victim of these little hell-raisers. I left my apartment and went into my truck and to my dismay, I found that my truck was left in a muck. Footprints on the dashboard and ashes all over the place.

As well as the cigarette lighter on the seat, which could have caught the seat on fire. I know it was kids that did this because the footprints on the dashboard were no bigger that a size 6. It really disappoints that, here in Iqaluit, I have to start worrying about my vehicle when I go to sleep now.

What kind of town is this coming to? I can’t imagine parents letting their children out into the wee hours of the night. I would freak if your child didn’t come home until after 12:00.

I know that the sun is out all the time and parents encourage their kids to take advantage of the nice weather but there is a limit. I just wanted everybody to know to be careful and lock your vehicle doors, or you might end up in the same situation I ended up in.

Patrick Sageaktook

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