Joanna Quassa resigns from cabinet

Aggu MLA cites family reasons for decision

Joanna Quassa, who held several portfolios within Nunavut’s cabinet, announced her resignation from the executive council on Monday. (File photo by Meral Jamal)

By Nunatsiaq News

Joanna Quassa has resigned from cabinet.

Nunavut Premier P.J. Akeeagok made the announcement Monday afternoon in a news release.

Quassa was minister of environment, minister of energy, and minister responsible for Nunavut Arctic College. Earlier this month, she was also named to fill in as head of the culture and heritage, languages, and seniors departments when fellow cabinet minister Pamela Gross took a one-month leave in order to give birth.

Quassa cited family reasons for her resignation. She will stay on as the MLA for Aggu, a riding that includes the northern portion of the hamlet of Igloolik. Quassa was first elected to represent the area in 2021.

Akeeagok said Margaret Nakashuk — who is minister for human resources, family services, and the minister responsible for homelessness, status of women, and the Workers Safety and Compensation Commission — will now also act as minister responsible for Nunavut Arctic College.

Health Minister John Main, who is also minister responsible for suicide prevention, will act as environment minister and minister responsible for energy.

Akeeagok also said that until Gross returns from her leave on Oct. 16, Finance Minister Lorne Kusugak will act as minister of culture and heritage, minister of languages, and minister responsible for seniors.



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(16) Comments:

  1. Posted by sounds to fimiliar on

    why this sudden departure and same reason as similak.

    • Posted by hunter3 on

      Look at the number of portfolios some of the Ministers are asked to head up! Crazy number. Way too much of a workload. I would imagine it keeps them from seeing family very often and leads to a poor quality of life.

      • Posted by Spread too thin on

        Yes… and there is no way they can effectively manage those numbers either.

      • Posted by Umingmak on

        This is absolutely it. Nunavut probably needs a couple more MLAs, though I have no idea where they would go (maybe a second MLA for Cambridge Bay and another for Rankin Inlet or Arviat?).

  2. Posted by 867 on

    Funny when a southerner leaves citing family reasons he or she gets shunned for “only being in politics for the money”

    • Posted by No Moniker on

      In the superficial, reductive cosmology of a good many Nunavummiut, southerners (specifically, the ‘other’) merely occupy (that is, take up) space. Their every act is one of exploitation, parasitism and greed.

  3. Posted by Looloo on

    Very nice and capable person, but in over her head. She should not have been a minister without getting some experience as a Regular Member first. It’s possible that she wasn’t expecting to become a Minister, because PJ and Pamela got all the newly elected Members to put their names in the ring in order to mess up Joe and George’s plans. So PJ and Pamela got the cabinet they deserved.

  4. Posted by change on

    The premier is getting what he wanted and should be happy with his choices. I wonder if he regrets convincing the inexperienced to keep the experience out.

    • Posted by Fools and horses on

      This government has been among the least competent in recent memory.

      • Posted by Looloo on

        not an impressive bunch but the Quassa government would give it a run for its money

  5. Posted by S on

    Which member of Nunavut’s legislature – premier, minister, or mla – is not in well over his or her head?

    • Posted by alex on

      Adam is doing quite well

    • Posted by Arnold McGillicuddy on

      John Main is not ‘in over his head’ and is likely the most competent person in cabinet right now.

  6. Posted by monty sling on

    Alex… Adam? you better have more of your morning coffee….

  7. Posted by Hunter on

    The ship must be sinking fast…..the Capitan has not given the order to abandon the ship yet and his crew are already abandoning his ship.

  8. Posted by Maq-Pat on

    In generally we need to be kinder to our political leaders. It is an important part of how we attract and retain the right people.


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