Justin Trudeau to make campaign stop in Iqaluit today

Liberal leader will hold media availability, meet with elders

Nunavut Liberal candidate Megan Pizzo-Lyall with Justin Trudeau in Iqaluit on Aug. 1. (File photo)

By Emma Tranter

Justin Trudeau will make a campaign stop in Iqaluit today, according to an Oct. 7 press release.

The Liberal leader, joined by Nunavut’s Liberal Candidate Megan Pizzo-Lyall, is scheduled to deliver remarks at Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park just after noon, according to the release.

Trudeau will speak about his party’s plan “to protect the environment and fight climate change,” the release said.

He will also be available for questions from media at the park.

Trudeau and Pizzo-Lyall will visit with elders at the Elders Qammaq at 1 p.m., the release said.

Trudeau visited Iqaluit earlier this year in August to make announcements on marine protected areas and housing in the territory. He also visited Arctic Bay in August.

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(23) Comments:

  1. Posted by Iqaluit’s Apathy on

    Trudeau keeps coming here to make ‘major’ announcements because he knows there will be no-one to protest his policies or presence. Which of us brown people would question his brown-face? Which one of us brown-people would say, to his face, that we(all indigenous people) need homes, food and clean drinking water? SNC-Lavalin made a bundle building for the Government of Nunavut. Even our premier has admitted being too star-struck bring up relevant issues with the Prime Minister while he had the chance.

    • Posted by pay attention on

      Your comment is pretty far off base. Listen to our own premier. When Trudeau came in August premier Savikataaq said just what you propose to Trudeau and everyone else in the room: Inuit need adequate housing, Nunavut does a lot for Canada but it’s not reciprocated. The premier even bluntly stated: When you and your staff go to beautiful Arctic Bay – go to the store. Look at how much food costs. Look at how the community lives.

  2. Posted by Unik on

    I really hope someone asks him if he thinks it’s hypocritical to come talk about the environment as he uses two relatively empty planes to fly in.

    • Posted by yankee on

      Do you get all your talking points from Yankee Andee or just this one?
      Would you mind sending over his plan for Canada? He’s been too busy hating JT to let us know.

      • Posted by Unik on

        No idea who that is.

        • Posted by Sheer Hypocracy on

          Yankee Andy is the Conservative leader Andrew Sheer. He said Yankee because up until recently, Andrew Sheer hid from Canadians that he is an American citizen and has heavily criticized others, especially our past Governor General Michelle Jean in 2005 if she is fit to represent Canadians since she married a Frenchman and gained duel citizenship. While Sheer has been duel citizen with America since birth. When asked why he hasn’t told anyone he’s also an American, his response was, “No one asked”… The Sheer hypocrisy.

          • Posted by Unik on

            That’s pretty funny. What a knob.

  3. Posted by Tunik on

    Hopefully he’ll be able to put the foodmail back to Nunavut, The Nutrition North program doesn’t seem to be working. The high cost of living up north is really expensive!

    Bring Back the Food Mail Program!!

  4. Posted by Colonial Adventure on

    The comment above says Canada gets a lot from Nunavut. What does it get? Bragging rights to owning a piece of the Arctic? I’m not sure what else. Still, it is on the GoC to either support nation building in Nunavut, or get out of the business altogether. The real question, in my opinion, is can Canada truly afford it’s adventure into Arctic colonialism? Maybe not, give the whole thing back and call it a day.

    • Posted by josey wales on

      Perhaps it would be more helpful if you went back to your Anchestors land, across the pond.

      • Posted by Nah… on

        My ancestors land is on this side of the pond, so no.

        • Posted by Sandra on

          “give the whole thing back and call it a day.” That would be great! Canada has shown it doesn’t really care for the arctic or its people, lack of commitment, lack of infrastructure and so on.
          I would be happy to be part of Denmark or even Norway, we would see much better support and building up of our arctic then what Canada has shown.
          Careful with what you wish for.

          • Posted by Colonial Adventure on

            “I would be happy to be part of Denmark or even Norway” … I really doubt that you would. In Greenland I recall “Fuck the danish” graffiti and the resentments directed toward the Danes when in conversation with the local people. You wouldn’t share their sentiments, if you were among them? I bet it wouldn’t be long before you were saying the exact same.

    • Posted by Westerner on

      This argument is so dumb on many levels but I’ll level with you, sure give us back our Aboriginal Title to the land and get out. Then what? We’ll have successfully claimed 1/5th of the landmass of Canada and head on over to Greenland and Denmark and EU. I hear they have a great relationship with the Inuit of Greenland… Peace out Canada!

      • Posted by Colonial Adventure on

        You mean to say you will need to find someone else to “look after you”? Or that you plan on colonizing the EU? LOL

        My point might sound dumb to you, but if we look at Nunavut and the history of colonial intervention in the Canadian Arctic as a whole one does have to wonder what the point really is, from the perspective of the colonizer at least, it’s hard to see any real tangible benefits. We should divest our holdings here in the same way the European powers divested their holdings in Africa and for similar reasons.

        • Posted by Unik on

          It’s usually about resources.
          There may not be something tangible at first when you colonize, but eventually one may discover untapped resources like oil or diamonds. And once that happens, it’s best if your country has claim of the land.

          • Posted by Westerner on

            It is 100% about resources and even just the surface land for that matter. 1/5th the size of a large country like Canada is a lot of land, a finite resource. But yes, currently the Crown has 98% of the mineral title, and Nunavut Inuit have the other 2%. If we got it all back, then we are talking real dough that Canada would be reluctant to give up and walk away from. Don’t let the negativity of the north cloud your judgement of its true value. You have a lot of proud Canadians up here and it is disheartening to see this being repeated about us. What Nunavut receives today is nothing compared to it’s real value.

  5. Posted by Law Abiding on

    I hope Ms. Pizzo-Lyall will talk about the nonsense plan to ban our hunting rifles. This is something that all hunters need to keep a keen eye on. Why prohibit law abiding citizens, that doesn’t affect criminals? Are criminals going to stop illegally buying guns, when the Liberal government bans me from owning my semi-auto .22 or .222?

    • Posted by Not Actually a Thing on

      Nobody’s planning on banning hunting rifles. The Liberals do not have a plan to ban semi-auto .22 hunting rifles or .222 rifles.

    • Posted by Peter on

      So many ill informed people out there, don’t listen to those Con memes on fb, all fake stuff against Trudeau and the Liberals, no way Liberals are trying to ban hunting rifles, do some research and fact check before hating right away.

      So much hate from fake information and memes people just listen to it and start hating.

  6. Posted by Jennifer on

    I agree, there are so many that dislike Trudeau for the wrong reasons based on some meme or half truth, immigration, taxes and now hunting rifles, people really need to fact check before believing anything on fb, if you really care that much to bad mouth someone based on fake information it’s time to do a bit of research and see how it really is.
    Just too much hate out there today and why is that?

  7. Posted by Politically Buzzed Arctic Buzzard on

    Jobs for the people, stability in health & social well-being, high cost of living relief, etc… but mostly we need to put on the brakes on the fast moving train of government priorities that we have no input in realistically if we don’t show our hard working abilities in community growth. Revolution in the mindset of the “brown faced” lol… but really, let’s go out and vote in maximum numbers. That’s one of the best ways of getting the governing parties to…

  8. Posted by Joe Blo on

    If you want things to remain status quo vote Liberal. If you want things to regress vote Scheer. If you actually care about Inuk rights and funding things like clean water, housing, sovereignty then vote NDP. The policies are on the table. Its up to you to do something about it.

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