Kinngait man charged after reports of shots fired near RCMP detachment

Pavinak Petaulassie is facing multiple weapons-related charges

Pavinak Petaulassie has been charged with firearms-related offences after reports of gunshots being fired near Kinngait’s RCMP detachment on Oct. 14. (Photo by David Venn)

By Nunatsiaq News

A man arrested after reports of shots being fired near the Kinngait’s RCMP detachment last week has been identified as 30-year-old Pavinak Petaulassie.

Petaulassie has been charged with possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose, possessing a weapon while being prohibited to do so, pointing a firearm and two counts of careless use of a firearm, said RCMP Cpl. Pauline Melanson in an email.

Around 4 p.m. on Oct. 14, RCMP issued a notice for people in Kinngait to shelter in place after there were reports of shots fired near the police detachment.

Nearly 30 minutes later, at 4:34, the shelter-in-place order was cancelled.

Petaulassie was the only person involved in the incident, Melanson said.

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(6) Comments:

  1. Posted by Licensed? on

    Wonder if the rampant use of guns for malicious reasons in the north can be attributed to zero recognition of a firearms license in the north.

    In the rest of canada, any crime involving a firearm is almost always a minimum 10 years

    • Posted by Stupid rule on

      We have this stupid rule where his inukness comes out before the law. Because he is Inuk he will still be able to handle fire arms cause he is considered a hunter. Lol. They should question at least 20 in a community if these ppl are really hunters. Or just angry ppl that have access to dads or grandpas guns.

      • Posted by I live in the Arctic on

        Everyone requires a possession and acquisition licence to buy rifles and ammunition, or possession only licence to own rifles, to get that you must take the firearms safety course, or have an elder confirm you’re safe with firearms, ideally the firearms safety course should be taught in all schools, everyone knows firearms are dangerous, if it isn’t a firearm it will be something else, get to the root cause of the problem, easy to say I know, it is hard to identify.

      • Posted by eskimo joe on

        “His Inukness”? what about all the random shooting in Canadian cities? is it because of their “Qablunaaqness”? Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver etc etc. More people below 60th parallel die of gun shots more than the whole population of NWT and Nunavut, I am not defeating this guy in Kinngait, but your generalization of a race is appalling, on edge of racism. I hope you’re not residing in our good land, Nunavut.

        • Posted by Still Stupid on

          I was only pointing out the fact that they only get a slap on the wrist while in the southern part of Canada, they are not allowed to handle fire arms.
          Read between the lines instead of jumping to the racism bandwagon. Hold your qimmiqs(horse) I’m Inuk just as much as the shooter in this article.

        • Posted by Paulossie Napartuk on

          Per capita Southern people with guns is no where near as high as in the north.

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