Kugluktuk Family Wellness office temporarily closed

Office closed until May 24 due to staff shortages, GN announces

The Family Wellness Office in Kugluktuk will be closed until May 24 due to staff shortages, the GN announced on Thursday. (File photo by Dustin Patar)

By Nunatsiaq News

The Kugluktuk Family Wellness office will be closed until May 24 due to staff shortages, the Department of Family Services announced Thursday.

During the temporary closure, limited staffing will be available to provide emergent and some restricted services, such as family visits and assisting clients to and from appointments, spokesperson Tony Canny said in a news release.

Delays should be expected when contacting the family wellness office’s on-call number, Canny said. Service reductions or closures are subject to change based on staff availability.

Residents should contact the local RCMP in emergencies, Canny said.

Earlier this week, the GN announced that wellness centres in Taloyoak and Kugaaruk are also temporarily closed due to staff shortages.


Inuit Child First, Indigenous Services Canada
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(7) Comments:

  1. Posted by Mass Formation on

    Family Wellness, which deals with child sexual abuse and neglect, is now again closed in community after community.

    It seems they dusted off the staff shortages template to be accepted as is without explaining why. Are Nunavut children becoming less valued? Are Inuit Orgs not concerned with the continuous pattern of closures?

    • Posted by What about this? on

      Isn’t ‘Staff shortages’ the explanation why?

  2. Posted by John WP Murphy on

    Staff shortages?? If that is the case, where is the advertisements to fill these positions?
    None are posted below.

    • Posted by 867 on

      You’re not new here Paul you know the MO…

      1. Reliable worker takes approved leave
      2. Unreliable replacement worker decides at the last minute that it’s nice out and would rather be at their cabin hunting for the week
      3. The community suffers the consequences of the poor decisions of #2

      • Posted by Northerner on

        I worked for a company , my coworker used to just get up and leave to go to his cabin , cause like you said,” nice out ” . he was told to stop . he quit instead.

        • Posted by John K on

          He knows that all he has to do is wait for one Department or another to burn through a few good employees and he’ll be able to fall into another job he isn’t qualified for. For a while at least.

  3. Posted by Quelle Surprise on

    Great to see that the brand new locally hired family wellness coordinator is off to a tunning start. Then again, why set expectations that you can’t meet.


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