Kugluktuk health centre reports syphilis ‘outbreak’ in community

Anyone experiencing symptoms, thinks they have been exposed encouraged to book treatment

Kugluktuk’s health centre says there is a syphilis outbreak in the community and residents who may have been exposed should seek testing and treatment. (File photo by Dustin Patar)

By Nunatsiaq News

Kugluktuk is experiencing an outbreak of the sexually transmitted infection syphilis, according to a Facebook post from the community’s health centre dated April 7.

The post encourages people who have symptoms, think they have been exposed, or have had unprotected sex to be tested and to seek treatment.

“Kugluktuk has the highest case in all over Kitikmeot,” the post read.

“Having the test, treatment and practising safe sex [through] condom use will keep our community protected.”

Syphilis symptoms may include sores, rashes, swollen lymph nodes, fever or feeling unwell, according to a Government of Nunavut fact sheet.

If left untreated, syphilis may cause future health problems including blindness, paralysis, heart damage or death.

As syphilis is transmitted through unprotected sex, a GN fact sheet encourages people to reduce the number of sexual partners they have and to use condoms, which can be picked up for free at every health centre.

It’s not clear how many cases of syphilis have been reported in Kugluktuk. Nunavut’s chief public health officer was not available Wednesday to comment on the outbreak.

The post from the Kugluktuk health centre urged people not to feel shy about calling for an appointment, and said their confidentiality will be respected.

“You will speak directly to one of the nurses and we will respect your privacy,” the post says.

Kugluktuk residents can phone 867-982-2689 to book an appointment with the health centre, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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  1. Posted by Itchy Burns on

    Send more condoms!

  2. Posted by Small Town Gossip on

    “Confidentiality will be respected” is the least believable part of the story.

  3. Posted by art thompson on

    guess theres not much to do there except wander around from house to house.

    • Posted by SARCASM on

      Yep , pass , the long cold winters and help increase the population .

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    There should be less frolicking during this year’s frolics.

  5. Posted by Double whammy on

    First they get amazon parcels taken away, now this.

  6. Posted by M I T on

    Protect ya junk fellas! 🤮🤢

  7. Posted by Don’t be silly… on

    ….wrap your willy!

  8. Posted by I think on

    I think this is caused by increase in workers at Goose Lake. Get the bugs from southerners 🤢 condoms is right

  9. Posted by Health on

    Stats tell the story: Are these ‘young’ people but if not, that is the other real issue if 30+ year olds frolicking. Yet, these days, all ages should know better!

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