Tanya Ongahak is the assistant returning officer for the local option liquor plebiscite that was held Monday. Voters ultimately chose to return to a restricted alcohol system. (Photo by Barb Adjun)

Kugluktuk residents vote on local liquor rules

At least 60-per-cent majority needed for change; voting closes at 7 p.m. Monday

By Nunatsiaq News

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  1. Posted by Confused on

    Kugluktuk You are still very lucky, I come from a prohibited community.

    • Posted by Kablunok on

      I don’t understand how going from a Unrestricted to Restricted community is lucky? If you saw the struggles of how some of these unrestricted communities suffer, it’s beyond heartbreaking. I’m currently located in Kug and actually am very glad this occurred. Seen way to many struggle in this community due to alcoholism. We have a great RCMP team that will continue to bust bootleggers if they believe they can capitalize (again). Really proud of Kugluktukimmuit.

  2. Posted by ChesLey on

    Restrictions are needed in some cases. Relying on drink to socialize and relate with others is a difficult place to be and to overcome. Innocent children caught in the centre of addicted families need to be given better care, it is all of our responsibility.

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