Kuujjuaraapik reports new COVID-19 case

Nunavik health board says vaccination campaign should start in February

Nunavik’s COVID-19 alert map for the week of Jan. 5. Green indicates a low risk, while yellow means the community faces a controlled risk. (Image courtesy of NRBHSS)

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavik health officials confirmed a new case of COVID-19 in Kuujjuaraapik this week.

In a Jan. 5 release, the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services said the case is not related to another COVID-19 case detected in the community just last week.

The community member who most recently tested positive for the virus was likely infected while visiting the south, the health board said. Public Health has identified what it called “low-risk” contacts and asked those individuals to isolate and get tested.

On Jan. 2, Nunavik’s Raglan mine also reported a new case of COVID-19 among one of its workers. That employee was also infected in the south and is currently in isolation, according to the health board.

No one in Nunavik is considered to have had significant contact with the individual, including Nunavimmiut working at the mine site.

The regional health has confirmed that Nunavik will receive the Moderna vaccine, though officials are still working out the details of the rollout in the region.

The health board should be able to start vaccinating Nunavimmiut in February, or sooner if possible, it said Jan. 5

Nunavimmiut who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or loss of taste and small, should contact the COVID health line 1-888-662-7482 or call their local health centre.

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(4) Comments:

  1. Posted by She’s coming on

    Get ready, she’s coming around the mountain. No joke here. Nunavik has only been delayed not spared. The doors are ajar, the virus is getting closer to living among us, and showing us who’s in charge. The fact that we escaped it thus far, as more to do with luck then scientific application. Yes, the authorities love the credit, but I’m not convinced that they’re owe any of it. If you look closely at our state since the beginning of the pandemic, the authorities did nothing but play Russian roulette with the population. That’s not their fault per say , except to say the unqualified should never be delivering services in the first place. Quebec will go into lock down, we need not do anything as only by the provincial guidelines, Nunavik authorities are confused. I’m proud to know the difference, any if you don’t it’s not my fault.

    • Posted by Peter on

      Your message makes no sense. Science is being applied, best practices against a virsus we have never had to deal with. The north is the best place to be, mainly covid free due to the testing, applying to go north ect, be grateful we are relatively covid free in Nunavik, just saying.

      • Posted by Nonsense on

        The cases popping up in Nunavik are concerning. Look at Nunavut, and how it spread, and took lives. Theses cases we have, shows potential, that’s the point. There’s a weak link, that may get worse. The lock down in Quebec should have included Nunavik as well. The population has a high potential to have this virus come in and spread. The few cases are seriously threatened. The mingling and gatherings are still too high in Nunavik. You don’t get this virus by keeping your distance and wearing your mask, we get it by being right there where it lives, and chances are if you , I or anyone gets this virus , we know thereafter how we were exposed. It’s happens , but it’s rare that source of infection is not known, people know what they done. There needs to be firmer information and education given out to stress the seriousness. That’s where the authorities are lacking.

  2. Posted by Peter on

    To travel to Nunavuk requires one to fill out an application online, be given permission to travel, tested, result must be negative and if you have any symptoms at the airport you will not be allowed to board the plane. Then when you land off to 14 day quarantine, with a test at day 7 in your village, its the same for me to go to my home in New Brunswick with the exception that I receive a call everyday to answer 5 questions that confirm i am isolating. I get tested in NB after 5 days if negative then i can go about my business. People anywhere follow the rules it just might save your life and lives of the ones you love, its that simple.

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