Larga Baffin proposes new residence

Information session for 220-room building in Ottawa slated for Jan. 26

This architectural drawing depicts what the proposed 220-room Larga Baffin residence in Ottawa’s Upper Hunt Club area would look like. (Image courtesy of Larga Baffin)

By Nunatsiaq News

Larga Baffin has submitted a proposal to city council to build a new 220-room residential care facility in Ottawa.

Larga Baffin is a full-service boarding home in Ottawa that provides essential community and medical care for people from Nunavut while they are seeking treatment in the nation’s capital.

Nunavut residents pass through Larga Baffin when recovering from surgery, cancer treatments or other specialized appointments that are unavailable in their own communities. It has been providing that service since 2000 at its building on Richmond Road in Ottawa.

The proposal for the six-storey building was submitted to Ottawa’s planning department in November.

A proposal summary on the city’s website lists architecture firm Fotenn Planning + Design as the applicant.

Sarah Ezzio, development review planner for the city, said in the summary that the preliminary design of the development would have space for 350 beds and 101 surface and underground parking spots.

In addition to temporary accommodation, the proposed building would also provide community and administrative services areas and hospitality facilities, she said.

Diane Deans, city councillor for the Gloucester-Southgate ward where the residence will be built, announced Wednesday that a public meeting to discuss the proposal will be held on Jan. 26 at 6 p.m. ET.

Representatives from Larga Baffin and Fotenn will present their application to the community and a question-and-answer period will follow. The city will consult with the public until Feb. 3, Ezzio said.

The meeting will be held virtually over Zoom. Anyone interested in attending is asked to register through the link on Deans’s website.

Larga Baffin president Malaya Zehr could not be reached for comment.

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  1. Posted by Big Business Larga on

    Nunavut – “we plan to have more capacity to deliver health services in Nunavut”
    Larga – “yeahhh we don’t believe that’s gonna happen, we’re planning to build a facility to be completed in 6 years that will house double the number of people from the region that has an actual hospital”
    And guess which one’s right?
    What’s the going rate for Larga these days? $180 per person per night? At 350 beds that’s $23 million per year.


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