Liberals name candidate in Ungava


Aline Sauvageau of Val d’Or will run in the Ungava riding for the Quebec Liberal Party in the March 26 provincial election, which Premier Jean Charest called this week.

“On a number of occasions, Mr. Charest has noticed that I am well aware of the issues in Northern Quebec as well as the concerns expressed by the Cree, Inuit and Jamésien people. Therefore, it is with confidence that I accept this challenge,” Sauvageau said in a news release.

Sauvageau, 55, got to know the Ungava riding during the past two years as the political attaché for the Liberal environment minister, Pierre Corbeil, who has also served as minister responsible for northern Quebec, the release said. “I had the opportunity to meet with all communities and to become familiar with all the issues. I was present in the region throughout this time. I am well aware of the priorities in the Ungava riding and I know the people of Ungava. It is with the intention of fulfilling my commitment that I am candidate for the Ungava riding and I want to ensure the presence of an elected official in the riding,” Sauvageau said.

Two years ago, Sauvageau’s boss, Corbeil, told Nunatsiaq News that the Quebec government planned to start reforming the province’s electoral system and that a seat for Nunavik is something the government should consider.

“I think now, from what I saw today and yesterday, that Nunavik should be first in the road to attain this,” he said. “Because up North, the Nunavik territory is different. They work with regional government as well as municipal and they pay taxes and they want to be considered as part of Quebec. We have to consider that.”

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