Liquor plebiscite coming to Gjoa Haven

Plebiscite will be to change from prohibited to controlled liquor system, vote on Oct. 23 and early vote Oct. 16

Gjoa Haven voters will elect a new hamlet council on Nov. 20. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

This fall, residents of Gjoa Haven will vote on whether to change their liquor control system from prohibited to a more permissive restricted system.

The vote is occurring because residents of the community petitioned the Minister of Finance to hold a plebiscite, according to a Finance Department statement.

If the residents vote in favour of a change, it would allow people in the community of 1,110, to import and purchase a limited amount of alcohol every 14 days.

The limits are 24 cans of 355ml or less of beer or other liquor with no more than eight-per-cent alcohol by volume and four litres of wine.

Under the Liquor Act, at least 60 per cent of the voters need to opt for the change in order for it to be enacted.

The plebiscite will be held on Oct. 23, which is the same day as the municipal election. An advanced vote will be held on Oct.16.

There will be a public meeting at the community hall on Oct. 3 from 6 to 9 p.m. Members of the Department of Finance and Elections Nunavut will be at the meeting to answer any questions about the plebiscite and liquor system.

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(4) Comments:

  1. Posted by Hello to increase violent in the community on

    Oh yes, prohibition is not the answer, hello to increase violence anyway to come with any tiny bits of go more for alcohol. I’m not a predictor of that change in the community, but anyone want to bit on it? Can you show me a northern community doing ok with a few cold ones?

    • Posted by Watch it come on

      It’s almost funny, but it’s seriously going to be busy place for police and front line workers. It’s hard to believe that people think it’s just another vote, yes another vote ok, but voting for trouble times on top of trouble times. In a short while down the road, there will be news about how the vote was for misery. No one can admit that drinking alcohol in many northern communities means injuries and death , not seen elsewhere.

  2. Posted by vote no on

    don’t do it! , keep your peace.

    Youll end up with drunks walking around like zombies … look at Iqaluit.

    • Posted by The north is full of them on

      Ha ha lol, the north is full of lunatics and zombies. Pack sackies walking about from coop and beer and wine stores, on their way back home, walking most of them, can’t afford a ride, skidoo, four wheeler or car. Only can afford beer. Back home with their valuables, getting ready for jail and or hospitalization. And the ones who do have access to a beat up old car or truck, they go into the ditch as nighttime moves to dawn. Then we all see their overnturn vehicles as we ride to work in the morning. Sad, sick, and no future.

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