Long weekend road safety checks lead to driver being charged in Iqaluit

RCMP, municipal enforcement checked approximately 300 vehicles

Police and bylaw officers in Iqaluit checked around 300 vehicles over the Thanksgiving long weekend. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

One person was charged with aggressive driving and several others were cited for various infractions during road safety checks over the Thanksgiving long weekend in Iqaluit.

Over the holiday, most drivers likely saw the blue and red lights of municipal enforcement and RCMP vehicles pulling drivers over for random sobriety and road safety checks in various parts of the city.

Officers checked approximately 300 vehicles over the course of the long weekend, according to a news release issued by the city on Thursday.

They found that in most vehicles, drivers and passengers were not buckled into their seatbelts — an offence that carries a $125 fine.

More than 20 vehicles lacked proper documentation or had expired registrations. Five vehicles were written up for having illegal sun-coating and tints, and five drivers weren’t carrying their licences with them.

Officers also conducted 25 roadside alcohol screenings.

One driver was issued a roadside suspension for drug impairment, and another was charged with aggressive driving.

In the release, the city thanked drivers who were in compliance, adding “if you suspect an impaired driver on the road to contact the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.”

Police and municipal enforcement in Iqaluit often ramp up their patrols during holiday long weekends.

Over the August Civic Holiday weekend, three impaired drivers were charged and 125 road checks were conducted. This year’s Canada Day road checks also caught many unbuckled seatbelts.


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(8) Comments:

  1. Posted by John WP Murphy on

    Well done

  2. Posted by Driver on

    So how many drivers were fined for not wearing seatbelts.

    • Posted by 😂 on

      No one 🤣

  3. Posted by Lol on

    In the small communities nobody wears seatbelts, including the cops

    • Posted by Nor do they… on

      Nor do they stop at stop signs or signal for corners. And yes I am including the RCMP.

    • Posted by Hick on

      There is lot more traffic and higher speed limits here, and there are bylaws about seatbelts here. So your point, whatever it is, is meaningless.

    • Posted by John WP Murphy on

      I believe if you check municipal by-laws, First responders are exempt from the seatbelt bylaw.

  4. Posted by Roadster on

    Good job, I’ve noticed there are quite a few people that like to drive and smoke weed with others in the vehicle, you can smell the stink driving by or behind them.
    More stops need to be done, as it just seems to be getting worse with drinking/drugs driving.

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