Manhunt for rapist


IQALUIT — Iqaluit RCMP are hunting for a rapist who assaulted a woman outside the white row-housing on Saturday.

The rape took place around 2 a.m. near the housing complex, which is located in central Iqaluit.

The victim told police the rapist was an Inuk man with a medium build and a pot belly, standing between five-foot-eight and six-foot-two inches tall.

At the time the rapist was wearing a black nylon jacket and stank of body odour.

Sgt. Mike O’Malley said that though the crime took place in a public location, few residents seem to have seen or heard the incident.

“We’re following up leads,” he said. “We’re just trying to rule out certain people.”

O’Malley said that though sexual assaults are common in Iqaluit, most take place inside homes and involve victims and perpetrators who know each other.

In this instance, the rapist was unknown to the victim and accosted her outside.

O’Malley said the crime is a sign that Iqaluit is not immune to anonymous attacks more commonly associated with big cities. He warned residents to keep to well lit areas after dark and to report suspicious individuals to the police.

“Iqaluit is not a little settlement any more,” he said. “These things are starting to happen.”

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