Mary Simon will be Canada’s first Indigenous Governor General when she officially takes the position in a ceremony in Ottawa on Monday. (Photo courtesy of Rideau Hall/Sgt. Johanie Maheu)

Mary Simon becomes Canada’s first Indigenous Governor General

Inuk leader takes over as Queen’s representative as Canada grapples with reconciliation, residential schools’ legacy and COVID-19 pandemic

By Nunatsiaq News

Mary Simon, an Inuk woman from Nunavik, became Canada’s first Indigenous Governor General Monday during a ceremony in Ottawa.

The Governor General is the Queen’s representative of Canada and acts as the country’s head of state. It’s a largely ceremonial position, but the Governor General’s approval is the last step before a federal bill becomes a law.

Simon will also be responsible for dissolving Parliament before an election and for reading the Throne Speech that outlines the government’s legislative agenda before any new parliamentary session begins.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau selected Simon earlier this month to fill the vacancy created by the resignation earlier this year of former astronaut Julie Payette.

Payette left the Governor General post amid allegations of bullying and turning Rideau Hall into a toxic work place.

Nunatsiaq News will have full coverage of Simon’s installation at

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(7) Comments:

  1. Posted by Dennis Patterson on

    Warm congratulations to Mary Simon for her well deserved appointment as Canada’s Governor General. Mary is very well qualified from her lifetime of devoted public service which has well prepared for this important post as head of state for Canada.
    I thank her for her willingness to take on this very important and demanding office and also for the support I know she will have from her husband Whit.
    I wish her every success.

  2. Posted by Future Thinker on

    Congratulations to Mary Simon! May she set a good example for us all, by treating all Canadians as equal regardless of their racial or ethnic ancestry. May she model looking to the future, rather than stewing over endless rumination about the past. May she re-ignite a government policy of trying to unite all Canadians, rather than the recent trend of trying to divide us into warring ethnic groups.

    • Posted by I Hope So on

      Yes, I really hope that she is a counter-balance to the divisiveness of the likes of QQ. Fingers crossed!

      • Posted by Ned Flanders on

        Congratulations GG Mary Simon.
        I agree. We need unity very much right now. Not division and anger.
        Governor General Simon. Congratulations and Mahsi. (Thank You.)

      • Posted by Yes congratulate on

        @ i hope so, You could’ve congratulated her without trying to drag somebody else. Show more maturity than that.

  3. Posted by Kathleen Peddie on

    I wish Mary Simon, many congratulations on her appointment to Governor General . Well deserved ,
    All the best old friend

  4. Posted by I live in the Arctic on

    Congratulations! Looking forward to your work.


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