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Medical travel: If you gotta go, you can’t


Ed Picco, the minister of health and social services, tried to deflect questions last week regarding the contract for scheduled medical travel in the Kivilliq region.

Jack Anawak, the MLA for Rankin Inlet North, asked Picco for an update on negotiations with the GN, in which Skyward Aviation has been jockeying for business with Keewatin Air, which holds the contract.

Keewatin Air had been criticized for using aircraft that lacked washroom facilities for long flights.

“The contract is still in place with Keewatin Air. We are still working with Skyward on scheduled medical travel,” Picco said.

Anawak asked if the lack of washroom facilities had been addressed.

“We haven’t had any complaints,” Picco told the House. But he was contradicted by his fellow cabinet minister, Manitok Thompson, the MLA for Rankin Inlet South-Whale Cove.

“Oh yes you have, remember, I told you,” she whispered to him, loud enough to be picked up by the assembly sound system.

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