Merry and bright in Kuujjuaq

Residents scramble on Christmas Eve to decorate homes for community contest with $2,000 first prize

Residents of this Kuujjuaq home go big with a Christmas lights display. Some homes waited until the last minute to enter the Kuujjuaq Pinguatitsijingiit Inc. outdoor decorating contest. The village’s recreation committee offered more than $6,000 in prize money, including $2,000 for first place. Residents have until 5 p.m. on Dec. 24 to get their decorations in place. On Christmas Eve, the community also celebrated with Christmas games for children. The snow was falling and the temperature was -7 C on Saturday. (Photo by Malaya Qaunirq Chapman)

By Nunatsiaq News

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(9) Comments:

  1. Posted by Material Christmas on

    The prizes are out of proportion to otherwise struggling and needs of the population. The waste in the games and other material is shamefully displayed at Christmas as though there’s nothing else that’s important on a daily basis. Then look for funding else where to host what’s important! Merry Christmas becomes just another word without meaning.

  2. Posted by Janimarik on

    Diesel powered electricity can display a nice decorative Christmas lights for 2 week a nice way to promote clean energy and pollute the air full plast generator releasing gas in atmosphere, is a fine way to say, have a good Christmas holiday and good luck on the trash they stapled on the house you gotta clean up the rest of the year, big prize money too… i get your message humanity…

    • Posted by Do kmhb pay the bill ? on

      Who pays the electricity for the light display on kmhb houses ? Does anyone know ?

  3. Posted by Ex rez on

    Kuujj rolling in the dough, bingo.

    • Posted by Ex bingo player on

      Bingo could be rigged, just makes suspicious players as a family member of bingo callers wins skidoo’s. People are stupid to support bingo in kuujjuaq.

  4. Posted by Material Christmas attendance by too many drunks on

    Most communities in Nunavik have been dancing and having great entertainment a few days as Christmas approaches and it continue into the 12 days. Kuujjuaq otherwise have been busy with material, from stuffed buy at coop, over priced, and sold at regular price during sly Christmas sale. The beer and wine, drunk drivers. Then little 20 dollar radio guesses, and big bingo , where family members of callers get a good chance to win skidoo and big items. Too much material, the lights display is just an extension of the material, it’s a gambling again to win above your neighbors. No Christmas spirit, just material, and no awareness to it.

  5. Posted by Merry Christian’s Happy Newyear. on

    People are overexcited. The amount of times each person says Merry Christmas and Happy Newyear has an unhealthy attachment to it. It’s over excited adult children. Like 40 something years old teenagers. Each and every other day, people are going around gossiping and shaming each other. Now that it’s Christmas, it’s as though the a magical spill will address the neglect from year round abuse. Many people need help mentally. They wait for Christmas, rather than adjusting life to live each day. And the money given out in foolishness from radio , 24 hour a day, should alert fundraising abuse also.

    • Posted by Pathetic on

      It’s pathetic. There no good we’ll, no peace. Very noisy. Materialistic. The only spirit is of 20..00 dollar game prizes. It’s the most materialistic Christmas in the country. In the midst of it, many many children never even seen a gift. Once there was an angel tree, which gave gifts, as by people donating, but the materialistic attitude has ruin even that. Pathetic, and noisy.

  6. Posted by Give good presents at least on

    The recreational committee should give good gifts for the games. Such as alarm clocks to help turn the 2023 year into people getting out of bed and opening up services. Give out some driver education brochures to get people to learn to drive properly. Give out a few recordings of drunk people calling into the radio fm for entertainment and education purposes. The games are continuing all the while can’t get gas , and coop looks abandoned.

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