Mid-week AWG standings: Nunavik, Nunavut earn 20 medals so far

Nunavik sweeps snowsnake open event in Dene games

Nunavik and Nunavut have won a combined 20 medals as of Thursday morning at the Arctic Winter Games in Alberta. The Games will continue until Saturday. Pictured on the podiums are Team Nunavut’s Akutaq Williamson Bathory winning gold in short track speed skating for the 500-metre individual event (left), and Team Nunavik’s Leilani Tukkiapik, Tina Mifsud and Louisa Berthe winning gold, silver and bronze in Dene games snowsnake. (Photos courtesy of Team Nunavut/Team Nunavik)

By Madalyn Howitt

It’s just past the midway point of the 2023 Arctic Winter Games and Nunavut and Nunavik have already earned a combined total of 20 medals – gold, silver and bronze.

Nunavik has won 11 medals as of Thursday morning through outstanding showings in Dene games and snowshoeing, while Nunavut has nine medals, including a handful for short-track speed skating.

Here are the athletes who have won medals so far:


Tina Mifsud – Gold in Dene games stick pull

Leilani Tukkiapik – Gold in Dene game snowsnake

Sammy Kaitak – Silver in Dene games stick pull

Papituqaq Cain Peters – Silver in Dene games stick pull (open)

Daisy Nappaluk – Silver in snowshoeing 2.5-kilometre cross country 

Tina Mifsud – Silver in Dene games snowsnake (female)

Kelly Saviadjuk – Silver in Dene games snowsnake (male)

Leilani Tukkiapik – Bronze in Dene games stick pull

Kylian Souliere – Bronze in snowshoeing 2.5-kilometre cross country 

Mary Jane Qinuayuak – Bronze in Arctic sports kneel jump

Louisa Berthe – Bronze in Dene games snowsnake


Lloyd Willie – Gold in Dene games snowsnake

Akutaq Williamson Bathory – Gold in short-track speed skating – 500-metre individual

Caleb Bolt and Alice Anablak – Silver in table tennis team event, 2004 or later

Nicolas Shappa and Bonita Tigullaraq – Silver in table tennis team event, 2007 or later

Qajaaq Ittinuar – Silver in Arctic sport arm pull

Horizon Willie – Bronze in Dene games snowsnake

Jim Kamingoak & Layla Demerah – Bronze in table tennis doubles 2004 or later mix

Kai Adamache & Ava Betty Ahegona – Bronze in table tennis doubles 2007 or later mix

Team Nunavut – Bronze in wrestling team competition 

As of Thursday morning, Yukon was leading the medal count with 80 medals, Alaska had 73, host region Alberta North had 60, Northwest Territories had 48, Greenland had 24, and the Sápmi team which is composed of athletes from the northern regions of Finland, Norway and Sweden had 11 medals, tied with Nunavik. Nunavut rounds out the pack with nine medals. 

Stay tuned for ongoing coverage of the Games and read more about curling here and Arctic Sports and Dene games here

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  1. Posted by kuujjuaq2 on

    Go Nunavik Go!! Win more ulus!!

  2. Posted by AWG Champs on

    Incredible. Way to go Yukon! 80 medals with a smaller population than Nunavut, Wow!

    • Posted by bravo! on

      Yes, however Yukon also sent more than 350 to the games as oppose to Nunavut with 270 people. Nunavut and Nunavik are doing incredibly well considering for most of the team sports, they are only playing with a complete team only at AWG. Most if not all of the other teams probably had the opportunity to play with their team mates more often as they have roads connecting each communities. Nunavut has a lot of athletes where this is their first year to AWG and athletes on other teams have been doing their sports for more than 5 or 10 years. This info can be found on AWG website with players info, etc.

  3. Posted by Truestory on

    Should change the ulu medal to “Qaggiq” medal. Since we’re all in the same dome.

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