Military continues setting up water purifiers in Iqaluit

Canadian Armed Forces members start off their Friday in Iqaluit working on two water purification units set up by the Sylvia Grinnell River. With snow having finally arrived in Nunavut’s capital, the days getting shorter and the water starting to freeze over, the military is working on getting the system running while waiting for final approvals from the City of Iqaluit. In a recent interview with Nunatsiaq News, Maj. Susan Magill said the military has never operated the water purification units in cold temperatures, so the setup could take longer than usual. When the equipment arrived in Iqaluit over a week ago, Magill said the plan was for the operation to last until mid-November, but the date could be extended if needed. (Photo by Mélanie Ritchot)

By Mélanie Ritchot

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  1. Posted by Why so slow? on

    Wow, still not set up yet? Seems like point was to get this up and running quickly. I expect this was not the actual plan.


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