Military’s purified water comes on stream as weather forces Iqaluit to stop drawing from river

Military’s water will be available at filling stations; trucked water no longer suitable for consumption

Colder temperatures at Sylvia Grinnell Riverriver is making it difficult to operate a pumping station, according to the city. (File photo by Mélanie Ritchot)

By Nunatsiaq News

The City of Iqaluit is making some changes to the way water is distributed as its water emergency enters its fourth week and colder temperatures make it harder to draw water from the Sylvia Grinnell River.

The reverse osmosis purification system set up by the Canadian Armed Forces at the river is up and running now, meaning that water will be available to residents at city-run filling stations, a city public service announcement said late Monday afternoon.

That water does not need to be boiled before being consumed and can be used for drinking, cooking and brushing teeth, the city said.

The military arrived in Nunavut’s capital two weeks ago with equipment it uses to purify water in locations around the world that have been hit by natural disasters.

Its water will be transported, using a designated city truck, to filling stations at the Arctic Winter Games Arena and the public library parking lot, where residents can fill their own jugs and containers daily between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Meanwhile, residents and businesses on trucked water services will be back on a ‘do not consume’ order starting Tuesday, the city said in a separate announcement late Monday afternoon.

The city stated it will be ending its operation to pump water from the Sylvia Grinnell River because of colder temperatures. Since the start of the water emergency in mid-October, trucked water was being drawn from the river and was suitable for consumption, but only after it had been boiled.

Colder temperatures, as well as cold water, are posing risks to water truck pumps and other equipment, according to a statement from the city. As well, the city added that continuing to extract water from the river could result in water delivery delays. To avoid delay, the city will stop its pumping operation at the river on Tuesday.

Trucked water services will continue, but it will be delivering piped water which will be under a ‘do not consume’ order, the city stated.

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(12) Comments:

  1. Posted by Ships on

    So people who listened to the city and followed their directions and spent money or spent hours cleaning their tanks after the city deposited contaminated water into them did that so that the city could once again fill them with “do not consume” water?

    • Posted by Why u dum on

      And you will have to pay again to clean your tank. Just FYI

    • Posted by Ships on

      The answer the city is giving is “There is no need to clean the tanks at this time.”
      We know that! The issue is, you instructed us to clean the tanks at a very specific and last-minute time, and many people did this, or paid to have it done because they were given the impression that contaminated water would no longer be put in our tanks and because they were trusting and obedient to the city’s direction. Cleaning a water tank is really difficult and if you’re paying, very expensive. It isn’t like cleaning a cupboard or something simple like that. Acknowledge that it was stupid and pointless to have people clean their tanks only to refill them with tainted water. So no, there is no need to clean the tanks at this time, but we will have to do it again in the near future and cleaning them when we did was a huge waste time and money.

    • Posted by Sarah on

      I never “cleaned” my tank the city doesn’t even know what the F they’re doing so…i never cleaned mine i don’t believe in the extra cost to clean your tank

  2. Posted by Joe Brandon on

    Let’s go Kenny!!

  3. Posted by Northern Guy on

    So let me get this straight? It’s too cold for the city to pump water but not too cold for the military to do it? Clearly it’s also not too cold for Iqaluimmiut to stand in line and fill their jugs at “designated filling stations”. Tell me again how this is supposed to be a step forward?

  4. Posted by Concerned on

    How’s that after term book coming along, Mr. Mayor?

  5. Posted by Iqaluit on

    Its time for Kenny to step down, the residents of Iqaluit need more qualified leader, enough is enough.

    Let’s Go Kenny!

  6. Posted by Truestory on

    If one of youse have answers for the water contamination to fix it. Run for mayor and fix ALL the problems y’all may have at the so called “Capitol” city problems. Let me know if it’s an easy job.

    • Posted by Ships on

      Just because it is a hard job doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be honest, open and acknowledge mistakes instead of treating people like they are idiots. At what point are citizens allowed to ask questions until they get a satisfying answer? You are making it sound like anything the city does is okay and no one should dare ask unless they are in line for the job of mayor.

  7. Posted by Uvanga on

    The city in many of their reports have said the piped water is now up to national standards but are now just waiting for the doctor to lift the no consume order. As an individual I have actually tried and drank the water from the tap and I do not smell or taste anything other than chlorine now. I will get my tank cleaned once all this is over. I imagine we have some gritty stuff in the tank now from the river water which was great to have.

    • Posted by itii pow on

      best to no drink the water till the City of Dr Patterson release the data of what is in the water.

      at this point, I do not trust the water or Kenny at all.

      LET’s GO KENNY!!!!

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