MLA steams as extension denied


As question period was drawing to a close on the final day of sitting, Iqaqrialu asked Speaker Kevin O’Brien for unanimous consent to extend it.

“I would like to extend question period for another half hour as today is our last day,” he said.

However, cabinet ministers Paul Okalik and Peter Kilabuk opposed the motion, denying Iqaqrialu the unanimous consent he needed.

“There were nays. Mr. Iqaqrialu, there were some nays and therefore question period will not be extended,” the Speaker said.

Iqaqrialu stood dumbfounded for a few moments, glaring at the cabinet ministers who denied his request.

Members of the assembly put in 10-hour days for most of the final week of sitting to approve the main estimates before the session ended. The final day was another late night, and while extending question period is usually a routine matter of business, MLAs dreaded staying any later than absolutely required.

As the session progressed, Iqaqrialu steamed in his chair, then got up and left the House, returning shortly before committee of the whole.

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