Mobile units and Inuktitut driver’s tests are coming to Nunavik this fall. (File photo by Sarah Rogers)

Mobile unit, Inuktitut driver’s tests, coming to Nunavik

Quebec’s provincial licence and vehicle registration agency’s mobile unit will start travelling this fall

By Nunatsiaq News

Improved driver licensing and vehicle registration services in Nunavik is the goal of a new partnership between the Kativik Regional Government and Quebec’s provincial licence and vehicle registration agency.

Through the partnership, the agency’s mobile unit will travel to Nunavik communities more often starting this fall, providing driver licensing, vehicle registration, and evaluation of driver competencies services in Nunavik communities, according to a news release from the agency.

The knowledge test for a driving exam will now also be offered in Inuktitut.

The partnership was established Aug. 30, at a meeting in Kuujjuaq.

​​”I am happy to see the acknowledgment the (licence and registration agency) is giving to our requests by travelling to the territory of Nunavik for the first time,” said KRG chairperson Hilda Snowball in the news release.

“I am proud of this partnership that will offer services adapted to meet the needs of our region.”


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  1. Posted by The goal is good on

    That’s a good goal to improve road safety. Add in incentives to curb the drunks driving with more intervention as well. The question is : will the bad, and I mean bad drivers learn how to drive, or be put off the road, until they take a course, and pass the test? Will the half bodied excuses for cars and truckers be removed from the roads, garbage bag windows and all? All those disfigured with no windows, no bumpers,? And will only good condition vehicles be permitted on the roads? What about 4 wheelers? Will it be registered as well? Will the municipality start removing the eye sores of severely beaten up old pieces of drunken memories from the towns , nothing worse than seeing old beat up cars and trucks in the town , behind sheds and house. Let’s clean up the mess starting with education for drivers, and education for valuing clean and safe towns.

    • Posted by Kuujjuaq on

      Nothing is going to change, this is nunavik. As the adage goes ” the more things change , the more they stay the same ” .

    • Posted by SARCASM on

      I think that , MADMAX – GHETTO LOOK gives nunavik unique look.

  2. Posted by onlooking on

    How about kids driving ..getting younger in every town/village. Give them license to drive.

    • Posted by Northerner on

      I v seen 13-14 yr old driving big ass pick up truck and don t seem to know , what a stop sign is.

      • Posted by Victor on

        Cool. I see a lot of adults doing the same. Mostly NRBHSS/Ungava Hospital vehicles though.

        • Posted by Kuujjuaq on

          Yep , people in town are allways in a rush going around in circles, but never in a rush to get to work.

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