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Money for the working class


As an Inuk beneficiary, I believe that it is about time that I, as a working class Inuk, should receive some of the money that Nunavut Trust made through investments, the reason being, since I am working and would not be considered for the Hunters’ Support Program or other programs, I think that it is about time that we as the working class receive some of the benefits that the Nunavut hierarchy believe only belong to the under-privileged or non-wage-earners.

That 11 million dollars can do a lot of good for the beneficiaries, Nunavut’s Inuit population is about 20,480. Eleven million divided by 20,480 equals $537.10, more or less.

Or maybe to make things more interesting, the voting age from Nunavut’s population from 1998 could be considered also. I just believe that the majority of Nunavut’s beneficiaries should be given something while NTI can still afford to do so.

Also hearty congratulations to the First Nations people in the Pacific Coast in catching the first of their five quota of the grey whale. They, like us, have gone a long way to get their whaling rights back. We the aboriginal people are not the ones who depleted the world’s whale population, and yet are chastized for trying to continue our way of life.

Harry J. Dialla
Pangnirtung, NU

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