The Nunavut Housing Corp. and a Montreal group are working together to support construction of affordable housing across Nunavut in communities like Rankin Inlet. (File photo)

New fund provides $1.3M for affordable Nunavut housing projects

Nunavut Housing Corp., Montreal’s Community Housing Transformation Centre sign partnership

By Nunatsiaq News

A new fund formed by organizations in Nunavut and Montreal will provide nearly $1.4 million for affordable Nunavut housing projects.

Nunavut Housing Corp. and the Community Housing Transformation Centre in Montreal have signed a partnership agreement to support the growth of community housing as part of the Nunavut 3000 strategy, the Government of Nunavut announced Thursday.

The Nunavut 3000 strategy is a project by the GN, Nunavut Housing Corp. and NCC Development Ltd. to build 3,000 new housing units by 2030.

More than 3,000 housing units are needed in the territory to meet demand, according to a 2020 report by Nunavut Housing Corp.

Central to the partnership agreement with the CHTC, a non-profit organization that supports community housing projects across Canada, is the establishment of the Nunalingni Piruqpaalirut Fund.

The fund is designed to support entities with an affordable housing idea, project or initiative, “enabling them to move to the next stage and bring it to fruition,” a spokesperson for Nunavut Housing Corp. said in a statement.

Eligible projects will be able to apply for a grant under capacity building, planning and pre-development, research and innovation.

The total amount available for distribution through the fund until March 31, 2024, is $1.36 million. Application intake is expected to start in July.

“Not only does the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with the NP Fund represent an exceptional opportunity to ‘think outside the box,’ we see this as the first step of an open process that is expected to involve other interested parties as it evolves,” said Eiryn Devereaux, CEO and president of Nunavut Housing Corp.


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(24) Comments:

  1. Posted by 867 on

    Nunavut is a paradise. Welfare recipient just got 34% pay increase, get to live rent-free in million dollar home, free flights on canadian north, just gotta be a escort, Nobody has mortgages to pay off and everybody got new expensive snowmachine and Honda. Amazing! 🌴

    • Posted by 🤣🤣 on

      Got my free skidoo!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Posted by Art Thompson on

      The political geography is slowly changing. One would think twice about coming here as a non-inuit and trying to raise a family. The real token immigrants are those non-inuit working here.

    • Posted by hermann kliest on

      Bugger off 867 I have mortgage up to my ears, it must have given you a satisfaction with your remarks. Ask the working class, many of them have mortgages, Nunavut is not a freeloading state. Its the transients, now we are hearing rumors that health care ppl; free rent, three meals a day!!!! what about you native health care workers? Health department and it’s leader are JOKES!!!!

      • Posted by 867 on

        To be fair, those health care workers that are getting housing and perdiems are in nunavut on a temporary emergency basis because of no staff. Sure some of the blame is on the department and the management for allowing for incompetent staff to reign and ignore nurses who complain about workplace toxicity. On the other hand If nunavummiut are serious about health care then it’s due time they start becoming nurses and doctors and stop relying on southerners to deliver these services.

  2. Posted by S on

    Is the $1.3 M the prize money for whomever comes up with the best idea; or the best laugh?

    Maybe Eiryn Devereaux, CEO and president of Nunavut Housing Corp summarizes the answer, more, er, clearly (lololol)

    “Not only does the opportunity … represent an exceptional opportunity … we see this as the first step … that is expected to involve other interested parties as it evolves,”

  3. Posted by Nunavut Inuit on

    1.3 million is the cost of 1 unit according to NHC, how does this ”new” fund create affordable housing? Didn’t this organization already have funds to develop community housing before this announcement? Their mandate is to develop community housing, so how is this news? This Nunavut 3000 is only photo ops, news story after news story but nothing actually happens, seems like a political ploy and not actionable at all, it’s sad that it’s Inuit who will continue to live in deplorable conditions. The math doesn’t make any sense either, 1.3 Million per unit, 3000 units needed, so that’s 39 Trillion dollars that’s needed by NHC and the GN to build 3000 units by 2030, am I the only person who thinks this makes absolutely no sense? Where are they getting this money from? How are they gonna cover the cost of operating and maintaining 3000 units? Last I checked local housing authorities don’t operate for free..

    • Posted by S on

      LOL. Thanks Nunavut Inuit. That’s $3.9 billion, not $39 trillion; but still…. your point is well made.

      Who’s gonna build and maintain all those units? How will the land be developed? How will the power and internet, services be provided? Who’s going to drive all those water and sewer trucks?

      You’re right. It’s just another JT and PJ photo-party.

    • Posted by Nunavut Inuit on

      Sorry the calculator did me wrong, it’s actually 3.9 Billion, not Trillion lol but the fact of the matter is that where is NHC/GN gonna get this money and how will they cover the cost to operate?

  4. Posted by Not feeling hopeful on

    Does NHC have a new mandate?
    Where is “community housing’ in their mandate? Why are they involved at all? They should stick to trying to deliver staff/public housing. (Staff condo anyone?)

    Besides Uquutaq who is delivering “community housing”?

    Feds won’t give enough money.
    There’s been no support for coop housing up here for decades.
    The City of Iqaluit pretended to support nonprofit housing, but then did not.
    Inuit orgs appear focused only on affordable home ownership (not at all realistic in Iqaluit ).
    And still, overcrowding, disrepair persist, and Inuit suffer because of it.

    • Posted by Nunavut Inuit on

      @NotFeelingHopeful, NHC is involved cause GN doesn’t want anyone else developing housing in Nunavut. Including keeping communities diminished by not providing opportunities to develop their own housing and by setting them up for failure before they even attempt to develop housing.

      There is a vested interest in keeping the social housing system in Nunavut, why else would they perpetuate the broken system?

      NHC/GN is working to develop policies to close the development loop in Nunavut, where NHC/GN are the only entity for housing by inserting themselves at ALL levels of development.

      You don’t need to worry about developers or China buying Nunavut, you need to worry about GN and all those “policy makers” who pretend to work for the people of Nunavut.

      • Posted by Damaris on

        There making alot of houses but it sure does take forever to get a house like years and years to move to house…I sure hope there will be more people to get a house faster to move in….

  5. Posted by Cindy on

    I’m curious what NTI is doing or gonna do with the housing funding they received from Federal government. Is this part of that?

  6. Posted by All good on

    Don’t worry ya’ll, the GN/NTI/Regional orgs have this all figured out. They’re working together now and the plans are in place. 1) Fill top GN positions with Inuit Org bureaucrats, 2) Update all GN mandates and policies to drive non-Inuit talent from the territory and 3) Launch plan to build 3000 new units with all contracts going towards Inuit orgs – don’t worry, the plan doesn’t need to build actual houses – see point #2. As long as money can flow from the GN to Inuit Org pockets and we drive out our employees who aren’t from here, we good. Southern folks leave, we give their units to the long list of highly skilled and motivated unemployed Nunavut Inuit, all is well!!! No one will care that we promised to build houses with a plan that was totally unrealistic, not properly funded or strategically sound.

    • Posted by Nunavut mix on

      Any naive person would think you have a really good idea.
      I’m still laughing at “highly skilled and motivated unemployed Nunavut Inuit”

    • Posted by Would be awesome on

      This would be awesome! Can’t be any worse than how the GN has been operating, which has been incredibly frustrating and embarrassing.
      The revolving door of transient workers that come up here for work experience and moving back down.
      At the very least our economy would be a bit better with having majority Inuit employees at the GN, people would stay here and not plan to move back south in a few years.
      Home ownership and so on.
      Maybe some fine day this will become a reality with some changes to the GN.

  7. Posted by Joshua curley on

    What’s happening .?? More debt to come to local town in Nunavut local house rents debts with people is over close to a million.,some are being evicted.

  8. Posted by Nunavut Beneficiary on

    If my memory is correct NTI was given hundreds of millions from the federal government for housing 2-3 years ago, we haven’t heard anything from NTI about this, where are they?
    Does NTI have plans to build any housing?
    Or did I get this wrong? I’m sure NTI got a whole lot of money for housing a couple years ago. We just don’t hear anything from NTI anymore.

    • Posted by Lance the boil on

      They are spending on a lawsuit they are likely to lose to the GN.

  9. Posted by Tim Innualuk on

    $1.36 million? That’s like 16 houses. I’ll betcha Iqaluit and Rankin are getting the majority of expenditure.

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