Nineteenth century Acadians in Arviat?


My great-grandfather, Prosper Arsenault, and his wife, Margaret Bourque, were living in Arviat (Eskimo Point) in the year 1878, because my grandmother’s sister was born there on Feb. 7, 1878.

Her name was Elise Marie Arsenault. The family lived for a time in Havre Saint Pierre and later in Thetford Mines, Canada, where Prosper and Margaret are both buried.

My question or request is there a possibilty that any records could be found in Arviat? If not, where are the records kept for Arviat. I will appreciate any help and would be willing to cover any cost associated with my request.

I want to tell every one in Arviat I am especially impressed with all of the computer access to Arviat and especially the efforts of the young people in the community. I have been surfing all of your sites and feel like I know a lot of you.

I was born in Vermont of Canadian parents. My father was born in Saint Boniface, Quebec, and my mother was born in Websterville, Vermont. Her father and mother were from Thetford Mines, Quebec.

Again, any help would be appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from someone way up in the north country.

Paul J. Morel
1225 Rue Crozat
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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