No injuries reported in airplane landing ‘incident’ at Nunavik airport

Deputy chief cites issue with landing gear; Air Inuit CEO says company co-operating with investigators

Air Inuit cargo plane is seen at the Kangiqsujuaq airport after an incident during landing March 30. (Submitted photo, special to Nunatsiaq News)

By Cedric Gallant - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

No injuries were reported from what Air Inuit’s president called an “incident” that occurred as a cargo plane was landing at the Kangiqsujuaq airport on March 30 in the late afternoon.

The problem stemmed from an issue with the landing gear, according to Nunavik Police Service deputy Chief Jean-Francois Morin, who said none of the three crew members were hurt.

Air Inuit CEO Christian Busch said in an email that an Air Inuit Dash-8 300 cargo aircraft “experienced an incident during landing.”

“Of utmost importance,” he said, “the crew operating the aircraft are safe and are receiving our full support.”

Busch said Air Inuit is “fully co-operating with authorities, during which time we will not speculate on what may have occurred.”

He added “the aircraft is currently undergoing preparation so it may be ferried to our maintenance facility.”


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(8) Comments:

  1. Posted by C. Steven on

    It is that 1% of the flight time that fits in the category “terror” as a friend and Air Inuit aircraft pilot had said. 😅

  2. Posted by Eskimo Joe©️ on

    CEO is only good at flapping his gums. This “incident” might increase the passenger and cargo rates in the coming months and god forbid that CEO or BOD’s lose any Bonuses🤑. If the village of Kangiqsujjuaq was managed better, a road connected to the areas best maintained runway is 25 km west at Raglan Mine, would be beneficial for the population.

    • Posted by Google is your friend on

      “25 km west of Raglan Mine”. You must have a different map from the rest of us. The Donaldson airport for the Raglan mine is about 70 km from Kangiqsujuaq so how would that help the population?

      • Posted by Flabbergasted on

        Google, you are correct. The post you replied to probably lives in another part of the country and doesnt know how to use google map. To use the airport at Donaldson, the Raglan owners would probably want hundreds and thousands of dollars, maybe millions of dollars to have their runway used as an airport for the local people of Kangiqsujuaq. If, thats a big If, Donaldson did agree to this outlandish opportunity, how much would the airline charge their customers? If Donaldson is beautiful one minute and the next minute its a white out condition, then where would the passengers be staying? Or would the passengers have to stay outside in the blizzard because there are no accommodation such as a b and b or hotel service at Donaldson? Keyboard Warriors type before they google or think their thought process out correctly.

        • Posted by going forward on

          Thinking futuristically, Kittniq Donaldson airport would hopefully not charge Kangiqsujuaq ever there is need for an emergency landing…do you agree? Basic beverage, sandwich and space on chairs or floor to rest would also hopefully be provided where possible for up to 48+ hours…do you agree? There are many possibilities to survive between 25km – 70km away from communities, in all weather. Not sure that Google could provide that in depth information.

  3. Posted by check the log book on

    This is not the first time that this aircraft has reported similar problems.
    too bad the maintenance issue wasn’t taken seriously until it landed on its belly.

    • Posted by Buddy what’s his name on

      The aircraft didn’t land on its belly. It blew a tire while landing which in turn caused the left landing gear to collapse. Are you related to Eskimo Joe?

  4. Posted by did the plane belly touch the tundra or not? on

    ….so when the left landing gear collapsed….did the plane slide on the left side of the belly or is there a backup landing gear to hold the belly up from the touching the tundra?

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