No need for ilirasungniq


If you have an opinion or if you feel that you are wronged in some way, express your thoughts and feeling. If retribution is sought by others, then that just shows the lack of maturity by those seeking retribution.

I placed my name on a recent letter to the editor about the lousy service at the local post office and I am not sorry that I did. I was greeted with many “good letter” and “congratulations” comments from many others who have not yet complained about the poor service.

And, yes, I have had some fallout to face from the postal workers. But I was not surprised by that either.

My point is that you should be proud that you have an opinion and can voice it without fear of reprisal.

Corrinne Attagutsiak

We appreciate what Ms. Attagutsiak says, and we essentially agree with her. Unfortunately, “retribution,” for many other people may mean loss of a job or a promotion. For others, it might even mean threats and other forms of bullying.

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