Norway whaling despite international pressure



Norway’s whaling season is underway, and another international protest has been launched in the hopes of stopping it, reports Aftenposten.

The season officially started April 1, but most whalers don’t begin the hunt until early May. Around 30 boats will participate in this year’s hunt. The quota has been set at 1,052 minke whales, 250 more than last year.

Last week, a letter of protest, signed by 11 nations, was delivered by a representative from the British Embassy to Norway’s foreign ministry.

Britain’s fisheries minister said it was “disappointing” that the Norwegian government pressured scientists into trying to justify an “unnecessary” hunt.

Norway’s foreign ministry spokesman said the Norwegians, meanwhile, were equally disappointed that countries opposed to whaling weren’t making a greater effort to find a compromise within the International Whaling Commission on allowing some commercial whaling when stocks permit it.

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