NTI to hold who-does-what meeting in Rankin Inlet

Who does what to whom? Nunavut Tunngavik has called a three-day gathering in Rankin Inlet to figure out who’s job is what under the Nunavut land claim agreeement.


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IQALUIT — There is confusion in the federal government over the roles of the many organizations set up under the Nunavut land claims agreement, says James Eetoolook, first vice president of Nunavut Tungavik Inc.

Eetoolook was unable to cite specific examples of the confusion, but his organization will be holding a three-day seminar in Rankin Inlet to nonetheless work on the issue.

Slated for Sept. 14-16 the seminar is expected to attract about 200 people from Nunavut’s regional associations, institutions of public government, designated Inuit organizations, “right down to HTAs,” said Eetoolook.

“I think there is some confusion in the different departments of the federal government about what the mandates of organizations set up by the land claims agreement,” said Eetoolook.

He said there are different interpretation of the Nunavut land claims agreement in different federal government departments, and he said he hopes that through this meeting in Rankin Inlet, a way can be found to get the federal government to have a uniform interpretation of the agreement.

“We also want to determine possible overlap and duplication of effort between groups and to clarify political and fiduciary roles,” said Eetoolook. He said the meeting will also look at the role of NTI over the next five years.

On the heels of this meeting, the directors of Nunavut Tungavik will hold their last regular meeting in Whale Cove Sept. 17-19.

The Whale Cove gathering will be their last before the organization’s annual general meeting in October.

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