A Kuujjuaq resident died from COVID-19 complications on Nov. 19, marking Nunavik’s first death since the beginning of the pandemic. (Image from the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services)

Nunavik confirms 1st COVID-19 death in region

Kuujjuaq resident died from complications caused by the virus on Nov. 19

By Jeff Pelletier - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Nunavik has recorded its first COVID-19 death, the region’s health board announced Wednesday.

In an email sent to reporters, the board confirmed a person in Kuujjuaq died from complications caused by the disease on Nov. 19.

“The Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services extends their deepest condolences to the family of an individual from Nunavik who passed away last Friday,” states a post published by the board on its Facebook page yesterday.

“Our thoughts are with the family, friends and community during this difficult time.”

The board did not offer any details about the individual’s identity.

On Wednesday, the board reported 142 active cases across the region. Case reporting in Akulivik and Salluit have experienced delays due to bad weather.

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(7) Comments:

  1. Posted by RIP Jean on

    He had underlying health conditions but still could’ve survived it for a long while if it wasn’t for covid.

    Help protect our people with health conditions and get vaccinated, people. Do it for the ones you love. His death shouldn’t be in vain.

    Rip “Jean”, I’ll miss you, buddy.

  2. Posted by Getting hotter on

    Kuujjuaq is the community to watch as covid makes its path through Nunavik. The access to the chemicals and the alcohol in kuujjuaq puts more challenge on imposing and having cooperation for restrictions. Accessible substance that’s not handled well in the best of times, and parties continue. A larger population with small community interactions are very much alive. Households are large numbers too. Add in the parties, the crowds at the stores especially the flow of traffic at the co-op store in the line up for beer and wine. Kuujjuaq has high potential for more devastation from covid.

  3. Posted by Tupiiktime on

    Condolences to his family and friends and coworkers. The announcement was made on fm last week by a phone call from the deputy mayor during the mayor Sammy Koneaks weekly radio show called Rock Power Hour and the mayors response was to say “life goes on” and then turned the music back up. Very heartless action and words from the mayor of Kuujjuaq.
    Get vaccinated it’s easy.

    • Posted by Power trip on

      Yes I was listening , or should I say, the radio show was on in the background, and I heard our elder and deputy mayor Announced to the show host and about the death of a young man, and it was inappropriate for the host to say life goes on and then cranked up the music. Wow. Yes condolences to the family, they lost a mother too not long ago. The father lost a wife. Mayor should be more responsible on the power show on fridays.

  4. Posted by Kuujjuaq coop looks hot on

    The kuujjuaq co-op store looks like a major shopping mall or should I say a major beer outlet. The parking lots looks like a car dealership. There’s even an outdoor washroom beside the steps, natural that is , urinating intoxicating customers can squat and let go, or stand with Willie in hand marking their name in the snow. Look at your cameras board of directors. This all in plain view of other intoxicating customers, and sober customers with kids in tow up the steps to the crowded entrance of smoking Covid potentiators. Inside it’s rock and roll with seated guards smoothing out receipts taken from the customers as they leave the store two sheets to the wind, only after getting service from a crowded giggling bunch of office workers attending cash from within office space , spitting, coughing , sneezing and touching everything in sight. You wonder where Covid lives?

  5. Posted by Hey Antivaxxers.. on

    How many people died from the vaccine? How many were vaccinated?

    Now.. How many died from covid complications? How many had covid?

    Statistics say that even with the delta variant, you’re less likely to contract the virus with the vaccine. 20% of the cases in nunavik are from the fully vaccinated. 80% are from the unvaccinated. Now just imagine from oct 7-nov 24 there was 863 cases of covid recorded. 80% of 863 is 690. That leaves 173 people who were vaccinated contracting a virus after a jab that isn’t exactly developed for that specific strain of virus or “variant”. Now just imagine.. let’s do 20% of 690.. 20 per 100 x 6.9.

    138 people(or less) instead of 690 would have been infected. Considering the infection rate for a virus we have zero immunity to, unless vaccinated or recovered from said virus.

    • Posted by Kpikinuk on

      Hey antidumdum it’s not to protect you you from vivid it’s to help you survive


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