Nunavik confirms 2 COVID-19 deaths

Active cases in the region continue to decline

Two Nunavik residents have died of COVID-19, the region’s health board announced Monday. (Image by the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services)

By Jeff Pelletier - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Two Nunavik residents have died of COVID-19, the Nunavik Board of Health and Social Services has confirmed.

The board offered condolences to affected families, and encouraged residents to seek counselling if needed.

“Our thoughts are with the family, friends and community during this difficult time,” states a post on the board’s official Facebook page, published Monday.

Board spokesperson Josee Levesque wouldn’t confirm whether the deaths occurred in Nunavik or out of the region, saying she is not authorized to give any information about patients.

The deaths have not been reflected in Quebec’s COVID-19 numbers for Nunavik. According to provincial statistics last updated on Sunday, the only death that has been included in Nunavik’s in-region numbers is that of a Kuujjuaq resident last month.

Meanwhile, Nunavik’s active COVID-19 cases continue to trend downward. On Monday, the board reported 15 new cases from the past weekend and 27 total active cases.

Only four communities currently have cases. Salluit has the highest number with 22, Akulivik and Kuujjuaq each have two, and Umiujaq currently has one case.

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  1. Posted by Misunderstandings of covid lives on. on

    Just reading the news about regional health reporting that a person in inukjuak tested positive for covid today, and then comes some comments indicating the misunderstandings. Comments stating that the vaccine doesn’t work if the case that that the positive case is a vaccinated person. That’s a big misunderstanding, that seems to be with so many people. Vaccinated people, as is being said over and over with backed up research, vaccinated people can get covid. But, big but at that: vaccinated persons are less likely to get seriously sick, and vaccinated people are more likely to have a very weaken covid virus to pass on, because the vaccine has weaken the viral load. And if a vaccinated person passes the virus to another vaccinated person, there’s less concerns about sickness also. But, and a big but at that: if an unvaccinated person gets the virus,and they are very likely to get the virus if they are around it, if the unvaccinated gets the virus ! They may get very sick, but not always, but they are more likely to get sicker than the vaccinated person. And the viral load of the unvaccinated are not weaken at all, but a powerful, most likely, more powerfully a viral load to infect themselves and other unvaccinated people. So ! It’s really that simple, but not understood. The vaccine does work, and if you don’t have the vaccine, you are just lucky that you are not sick and passing the virus to others. Off course , you can get sick as a vaccinated person, and off course you may not be sick, as an unvaccinated person, nothing is 100% either way. But the odds and evens are all there in the best scientific and ethical sense in favour of the vaccine.

  2. Posted by Another misunderstanding on

    To look at another misunderstanding that seems to come up a lot. If you live in a house with someone who contracts Covid and at the time of testing , you do not have Covid , let’s say you test negative, but your spouse tested positive. Now: you’re wondering why you have to stay in quarantine even after your spouse recovers from Covid. The reason being is: you may acquire Covid on the last days of your spouses infection. In other words , just as your spouse is getting better of the disease, he or she has enough viral load to infect you, even to the last part of Covid recovery. So, don’t hesitate to stay in quarantine even if your spouse recovers.

  3. Posted by Mobile hospital funds on

    Kuujjuaq forum was sat up earlier in the fall with a mobile hospital, as a practice area and an anticipated area for a new wave of Covid outbreak, as by the regional health and associated authorities. It wasn’t clear how the mobile facilities would be used. Was it for debilitating Covid patients only, like those needing the upmost care? Was it for isolation and quarantine? It must have been for the very sick only, because we just went through or are still going through this recent anticipated wave, and the facility is not deployed. It’s unfortunate it could not be used to isolate the positive cases as we had a difficult time, and maybe not out of it yet. A major problem faced during this new wave was the inability to contain people in a quarantine and isolation mode, to stop the spread. Large families combined with parties and get together. Yes, it’s too bad such wasted funds, yet allowing the spread to cripple life, the economy, on that same waste of funds for the non used of the mobile hospital.

    • Posted by Annie Popert on

      I find that critizing people/organizations for being prepared is completely useless. I am very happy they were prepared! Unfortunately it”s not over yet. Get vaccinated!


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