Nunavik health officials report new case of COVID-19, outside region

“The individual will not return to Nunavik until there is no risk of contagion”

The Nunavik health board’s main office in Kuujjuaq. Nunavik health officials reported a new case of COVID-19 on Sept. 9, although the individual tested positive outside the region and will remain there until they no longer pose a risk to others. (Photo by Sarah Rogers)

By Sarah Rogers

Nunavik health authorities are reporting a new case of COVID-19 today, though they say the case poses no threat to the region.

That’s because the confirmed case is linked to a Nunavik resident who is currently outside the region, the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services said on Wednesday, Sept. 9.

“The individual will not return to Nunavik until there is no risk of contagion,” the health board said in a Sept. 9 release. “Rest assured that the individual has not been in any contact with anyone in Nunavik.”

The health board did not indicate when the individual left the region or where they tested positive for the virus.

But due to the person’s residency status, the Government of Quebec’s website includes this new case in its statistics for the region of Nunavik.

Nunavik has seen a total of 17 confirmed cases of COVID-19 since last April, contained to three communities, though there have been no deaths.

Health authorities hope to maintain strict regulations around travel to and from Nunavik, especially now that Canadian North and Air Inuit have resumed flights between the North and south.

Nunavik health officials are reminding travellers to the region that they must continue to self-quarantine for a 14-day period.

The Quebec government announced in late August that it was reducing the period of isolation for individuals with COVID-19 symptoms from 14 days to 10. But the new measure does not apply to the required 14-day quarantine for people travelling to Nunavik.

Travellers must complete that quarantine either in the south, in Nunavik, or a combination of both, before they can circulate freely in Nunavik communities.

Any individual who tests positive for COVID-19 or comes into contact with a person with a confirmed case must also do preventive isolation for a 14-day period.

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(7) Comments:

  1. Posted by Hear ye. on

    Not too surprised. Really the” who “, doesn’t matter too much, but the “who” tells more of the story. Not saying it’s really a permanent resident of Nunavik, or an otherwise transient resident-worker that goes on time off, vacation. Let’s say, if it is a permanent resident, an inuk, beneficiary, chances are that person would be in some kind of contact with other Inuit , beneficiaries even on vacation, just saying, it’s very probable. Otherwise the transient, resident would have no contact with Inuit beneficiaries or otherwise. My guess would be a good one that’s it a transient worker. This would be important, as it’s only the tip of what’s coming on the transmission path of transient workers going often to the south on their vacation.

  2. Posted by Listen to some useless radio speech. on

    At noon, local radio, had the most useless talk and call in show about covid. Director of hospital, board of health, maintenance, all getting in their little 10 cent speeches, everything from setting up large facilities with generators, to more relevant info on surgery details in the south. Inappropriate, incompetence, fear tactics towards the Inuit population, as it was all in Inuktitut, and mostly unchallenged. People that called in were those that know not the difference as like the speakers of such uselessness. Here we are, kids going back to school, no covid in the area, and no one from the school board among the useless speeches. Here we are in our communities, with no covid, it’s hard to get appointment with local doctors, it’s preventive living, but you have those, with a need to go on radio, and to be heard, wasting the populations time, even scary to the unknown. They doing nothing otherwise to make our communities healthier, just attaching onto something they have no knowledge of, and talking about sitting up big 30 beds hospital spaces, for the cry wolf, when daily, people are trying to get their usual medication and doctors appointment, you talk about the blind leading the blind.

  3. Posted by Wow really on

    Here we go again, the second wave without knowing the first wave, I am starting to believe that this is all a hoaxes I think it is time to get everything back to normal before everyone goes bankrupt.

  4. Posted by Essential workers immune on

    I don’t get it. We still need to get a test for Covid before returning from Montreal and even with a negative test in Mtl get tested AGAIN up here, and we STILL NEED TO quarantine for 14 days? WHY??

    Look around you, all those ESSENTIAL workers also get tested for Covid but are not quarantining. It’s only a matter of time that we get Covid here from one of these careless essential workers.

    • Posted by Essential confusion on

      It’s all about common sense. There are some sensible things to do to keep safe, but as public gullibility prone citizens, most people are at the mercy of the authorities giving out loads of confusion and uneducated information. Just find your common sense within your storage of everyday knowledge, apply it to your interactions and you’ll be find. Follow a simple foolish rules might keep you from getting a ticket, just remember to wear your mask anyway, good bad or indifferent. This covid is a real issue, but not as real as the idiots giving out the precautions.

  5. Posted by Observe on

    What is seen in kuujjuaq are hospital vehicles, and there’s many of them going around town, and out the roads to berry picking, and visiting tents outside town, we’re seeing those hospital employee driving all alone with a medical mask on. Now that’s either a public example put out by the hospital, as to set examples to the population, like look at me, I’m wearing a mask, or it’s so called professionals lacking in common sense. It’s one or the other, and it’s concerning, because shouldn’t these professionals know better, then to be wearing a mask, driving off alone in a car? Do they keep their mask on while at home too? Theses are our biggest concerns in this covid times, not covid itself.

  6. Posted by Yes on

    Yes, and those hospital suv s going out to visit tents, it’s a visit up the range road to stay overnight or a day visit in the tax payers vehicle. There no well to do anything from the many committees. Covid falls under the same committees.

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