Nunavik MP calls out federal government over housing crisis

Sylvie Bérubé releases statement to coincide with Bloc Québécois report on housing in Quebec

Abitibi—Baie-James—Nunavik—Eeyou MP Sylvie Bérubé promotes more social housing as a solution to the housing crisis in remote communities. (Photo courtesy of Sylvie Bérubé/Facebook)

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavik’s representative in Parliament is calling out the federal government for its “disengagement” on housing over the past 30 years.

Abitibi—Baie-James—Nunavik—Eeyou MP Sylvie Bérubé said it’s “crucial” to understand that housing conditions in remote communities are not the same as the rest of Quebec, in a news release Wednesday.

The Bloc Québécois MP called for “specific and adapted” solutions for Nunavik, adding that more than one-third of the region’s population lives in overcrowded housing.

Denis Trudel, who represents the Longueuil—Saint-Hubert riding for the Bloc Québécois, toured the province last year to gain a broader picture of the current state of the housing crisis.

Bérubé’s news release is a response to Trudel’s report, also released Wednesday, which shows that the crisis is hitting hard in every region of the province.

Census data from Statistics Canada show that in 2021, nearly 18 per cent of homes in Nunavik had more than one person living in each room.

“The private housing market is nearly non-existent, combined with limited resources, it makes the housing crisis complex and difficult to solve,” Bérubé said of housing in Nunavik.

“The deplorable situation we live in now is a result of the disengagement of the federal government in matters of social housing in the last 30 years.”

Bérubé called on the federal government to restore financing, simplify housing programs and reduce bureaucratic barriers to housing construction.

Her news release includes 12 proposals from her party to solve the housing crisis in Quebec.

Among those proposals is a reduced interest rate on social housing construction and the establishment of an acquisition fund for social and community sectors.


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  1. Posted by Inuk from Nunavik on

    I live in a 2 bedroom douplex with , 2 of my kid , next door , there are 7 people living in 2 bedrooms.

  2. Posted by Eskimo Joe©️ on

    Je ne comprends pas. The Québéçois Bloc doesn’t care about non-parley citizens, this coin is either flipping for voters, or has a share in the renters reality market. Call yourself out why don’t you🤑.

  3. Posted by flabbergasted on

    Eskimo Joe, I applaud thee.

  4. Posted by Paul on

    I don’t think too many people realize the in Nunavut the federal government gave NTI roughly 400 million for housing and NTI has been sitting on this funding for at least 2 years if not 3,
    Something not right there.

    • Posted by lawrence on

      If this article was about Nunavut you’d have a point. It’s about Quebec

  5. Posted by Northerner on

    If Lori idlout didn’t think about stupid post office delaying mails and did actual work on nunavut housing crisis and high cost of living. But, she’d rather stress about incoming mail rather than nunavuts actual needs. And than stress about awg athletes who attend awg 2 year annually. Why did she even run for mp? Out of boredom that’s what.


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